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We believe decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems. That's why we are building Aragon.

This wiki contains much of the documentation about the Aragon project, such as our history, media about Aragon, community policies, and more.

If you want to help contribute to the wiki, like changing or adding information, you are welcome to create an Issue or submit a Pull Request at aragon/aragon-wiki.

For our website visit

What does the wiki contain?

You can use the menu to the left to navigate the wiki. Here is a brief summary of the contents:

  • About Aragon

    • Get up to speed about what Aragon is and why it's important
    • Learn how to get involved in the Aragon community
  • Aragon Association

    • Information about the nonprofit steward of the Aragon project
    • Find legal documentation about the Aragon Association
  • Aragon Network

    • Information about the decentralized organization driving the Aragon project forward
    • Governance, token economics, and other technical details
  • Design

    • Aragon art and branding
  • Media

    • Presentations, interviews, and press coverage about Aragon
  • Help and tutorials

    • Links to Aragon user and developer documentation
  • Archive

    • Documentation that is out of date but preserved for posterity
  • Wiki info

    • How to contribute to the wiki

Communication channels

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