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All Core Devs Meeting #5

Meeting Date/Time: 2018/09/10


  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-10min)
  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • Aragon-cli v5
    • Permissions app: available on staging (please test!)
    • aragonOS v4 audit
  • Aragon DAC updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • Aragon.js short term roadmap
  • Technical freeform discussion

Proposed topics

  • ETHBerlin
  • Mainnet roadmap


Aragon-cli v5:

  • ACL commands from the cli
  • Added HTTP provider
  • Exec actions on apps

Permissions app:

  • Ready for testing
  • Bundled with the cli
  • Review for any potential issues

aragonOS v4:

  • Ready for the audit
  • Add Jeremy and Arthur to Consensys audit report


  • Maybe add a tag for issues assigned to the DAC?
  • Arthur to review AGP 19

Aragon DAC:

  • Started having consistent meetings
  • Jeremy is working on a provider engine to allow DAOs transact with each other
  • Daniel is still testing aragon.js (currently aragon-wrapper)
  • Testing: what other repos need testing?
    • Front end? (jest/enzyme?) aragon ui and aragon client
    • Apm.js
    • aragon-cli
  • Research zenhub/public kanban


  • Ran a workshop/video on how to develop on Aragon
  • Main issues were with the CLI and permissions app
  • Not so many teams tried Aragon
  • Walkthroughs/video tutorials for using Aragon
  • Live peer videos arn’t necessarily available right now need to get updates
  • Tooling and docs were ready; event organization was the failing element
  • Would be good to focus attention on docs consistently instead of doing pre-event pushes


  • Get some Shwag to Jeremey

Aragon One:

  • Release to main net prior DevCon (~30th October)
  • Will start sprint 1.3 focusing on the token manager
  • AragonDAC will try to help with the release to mainnet


This template is borrowed from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.