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All Core Devs Meeting #6

Meeting Date/Time: 2018/09/24


  • Appoint note takers
    • Griff and Maria
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-10min)
    • Altoros/Protofire (Manu and Leonardo): Manu runs the blockchain unit. Build dedicated teams working on different projects
  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • Aragon DAC updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • Working on larger bounties/milestones
    • The first milestones are up and people working on it
    • Jeremy working on the additional provider
    • Daniel finishing with the test
    • Milestones in DApp to the gitcoin issues
    • Liquid pledging into an Aragon app (to work on it as a larger bounty)
    • Work on TCR as bounties as well
    • Two more people working on doc
    • Someone long-term as tech writer/project manager
  • Technical freeform discussion


TCR frontend

  • Griff is talking with Jeff Emmett ( about getting him on helping to build out the TCR
  • TCR PoC on github (design, contracts: curation, staking, plcr, registry)
  • Aragon.js sandboxing
    • Aragon.js: The main issue is inability to communicate between different contracts. They have to switch between different UIs (bad UX)
    • Manu and team: will take a look at this issue to see what they can propose
    • Arthur: have it be 3 apps but intro an additional wrapper. Or one app to interact with multiple contract.
    • Bingen: all actions should be mixed in the frontend
    • Jorge: we will need a way to have frontend-only apps. Metadata into DAOs
    • Luke: one to many relationships
    • Is not a priority for A1 as none of the current apps have this issue
    • Manu: we one to call from one app methods from another app? The team will require time to review this
    • Brett: Aragon.js give info back assuming that you only need one contract
    • Arthur will begin taking a look at this

App center

  • Dependencies: we should define the interfaces. The app center would need this.
  • Arthur: may make sense to have contract classes. To what degree is the modularity is going to be used by non-tech people during app construction?
  • Bingen: it depends but the less the user knows about the underlying abstractions the better

Proposed deprecation strategy for aragonOS 3 DAOs on Rinkeby (see AGP)

  • We are going to deploy the new AragonOS to rinkeby by October 8th or 9th, and a new frontend release as well. That’s when we will notify people that the old Aragon orgs won’t work anymore.
  • Q: do we have any tracking of people that use the frontend?
  • Jorge: we have the events that get to the chain, we have some views to check that. But we should have more granular analytics by the time we get to mainnet.
  • Brett: it seems like we could write some scripts to see the events of the voting app (and see who is voting what).
  • No objections

Github milestone organization based on Aragon One / DAC

  • Start marking milestones with A1/DAC
  • Q: We are excited about helping Aragon achieve milestones, and we can work on the milestones that A1 have coming up in the future before A1 gets there.
  • Brett: We also hope that the DAC can have their own features and issues that they want to prioritize

Building Giveth on Aragon

  • Q: the dapp has some real issues and causes unnecessary overhead sometimes we are excited to build the dapp on Aragon
  • Griff: The Giveth DApp Team is probably going to get funding from RSK and will go more towards focusing on existing non-profits then DAOs for charity. We hope to use redesigning Giveth as working as an Aragon App as a secondary goal, to give us perspective on what we need to work on to make it easy to build on Aragon.

Bounties (

  • Base initial milestone on estimated deliverable (work required, time required, skill)
  • With data from previous milestones, adjust next milestones’ weighting


This template is borrowed from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.