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All Core Devs Meeting #7

Meeting Date/Time: 2018/10/08 at 16:00 UTC


  • Appoint note takers - Griff
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other
    • None
  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • Pushing to mainnet!
      • Voting: few more updates but almost done
      • Token Manager and Finance app being worked on in parallel
      • DAO Kits upgraded to v4
        • Can easily make testing env’s
      • Lorikeet :-D
      • Deprecation banner will soon be up… you better know your old DAOs will die…
    • Luis is reviving Aragon Desktop!
      • Electron App for running DAOs
      • Decentralizes much better
      • Not a priority now…. But we will see!
  • Aragon DAC updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • Wrapping up tests and the engine
    • Tagging issues with DAC that we are working on.
    • Looking for more work…. What can we do to best do to push to mainnet?
    • Eventually we will get a UX person to start our own projects… but for now we push to mainnet
    • Chris is using hypothesis (ask griff for link) to annotate issues.
      • Would like to start making tutorials… what are some good tutorials to start with?
  • Protofire updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • First milestone for Payroll almost done… few more days
    • Kit questions :-P
    • Scoping next milestone currently.
  • DELFI!!! :-D Working on the secret Lorikeet project
    • Argentinian super star
    • Working on landing page now
    • Front end dev, here to help!
  • Technical freeform discussion
    • Tutorials?
    • Low hanging fruit for DAC to attack?


aragon.js issue prioritization

  • Pull requests for Aragon.js have some comments to review
    • Will be reviewed this week
  • We can review internally.

UI work

  • Does the DAC have some React skills to hack on some things?
    • Daniel is familiar with react, but no one right now has it as a primary skill
    • Protofire has serious react skills
    • The documentation is a little sparse for what needs to be done, but Multisig app might be a place to start.
      • ACTION: SECOND CALL!!!!!!!!!
  • Issue 315 on the permission flow… metamask will supposedly start to work on this… but the spec keep changing… there is EIP 1102 - wallet providers leak the accounts, so now metamask will require people to request permission to inject web 3 (to avoid the leak)
    • Jouni can look at the UX
    • Manuel is working on "Nifty Wallet" wallet and maybe these guys can help
    • Continue talking on github!

Kit talk

  • DAC
    • What are these kits used for?
    • Which ones were meant for the CLI?
      • They were originally developed outside of the CLI
      • For some of the production kits, we would have a bad CLI experience…. Some kits might not make sense any more…
      • These kits for sure make sense:
        • Payroll
        • Multisig
        • Democracy
        • Survey
    • Many kits were really just for us to do testing… we dont need to do them any more and we should think of a better way to create testing DAOs with mock data
    • DAO kit repo should be trimmed down to just useful things.
    • Local templates to see how things work are important.
    • Improving kit support is a great idea.
    • The easy way to do demos and tests is hard to document… so improving this is important.
      • Payroll is a complex kit… it probably doesn’t need it?
      • Should every Production AragonApp have kits
        • Awkward silence :-D
    • Should we have a kit for each app?
    • What is the overall strategy for these kits?!


Tutorial talk

  • There is the initial tutorial… GREAT!
    • Maybe we should be adding more tutorials to the end of this :-D
    • Should it be leading people to play with more apps? Create apps?
    • What do you guys think?
      • Protofire could make a tutorial for the payroll app!
      • Providing steps and a loose outline, Chris could make a full tutorial out of it ;-D
        • It will probably have multiple parts… or could even be multiple tutorials.
      • Best practices and other things can be put into this :-D
      • Voting App Tutorial :-D
        • Video is being made… but it’s a little slow going
        • Could be put into text as well… if he permits
      • Luis has derek’s markups outs…
      • Fundraising tutorial…. Could be brought to life as a tutorial.
  • MAKE IT FUN! :-D Include bounties, contests, or other incentive mechanisms to get people to go through the tutorials

Opening up Core Devs call to public (see suggested process)

  • Take agenda items by email
    • Give new contributors a voice!
    • Maybe github is a better option?
      • Github doesn’t have a direct message feature, we want to let them come in to join the call! Active participation!
  • Discuss on the github :-D
  • Next meeting might be using Jitsi, zoom or something that isn’t google :vomit:

Payroll contracts status update

  • Updated to aragon4, made the kit
  • Contracts don’t have any major changes
  • Tackled screens one at a time
  • We can check if there will be any other changes
    • Upgrades should be graceful
  • Integrations for the first milestone should be done in a couple days.


  • Brett
  • Jorge
  • Luis
  • Quazia
  • Griff
  • Manuel
  • John
  • Luke
  • Leo
  • Pierre
  • Bingen
  • Jouni
  • Jeremy
  • Delfi


This template is borrowed from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.