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All Core Devs Meeting #8

Meeting Date/Time: 2018/10/22 at 16:00 UTC


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-10min)
  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • Progress towards mainnet deployment
      • Deploying to mainnet later this week or early next week
      • New rinkeby deployment will be up mid week
    • Lorikeet: designs ready, Jouni will be talking about it at Devcon
      • Relaunch of aragon-ui
  • Aragon DAC updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
    • Working to define longer term goals before next call
    • Thinking of taking an approach where work with non-technical users to build DAOs, including potentially building apps
  • Technical freeform discussion


Github: aragon-apps

  • Do we want to bring the payroll app into this repo? And Is this repo owned by Aragon One?
  • Repo currently is apps that we have a specific auditing process for, but payroll would require its own audit.
  • Potentially maintenance of payroll app could be done by A1, DAC or Protofire, but currently it’s TBD. Questions about scope important.
  • For now, can potentially work in a fork and do reviews there, and then merge into master on aragon apps when the project is “complete”.
  • There could be a validation process when changing the namespace from future-apps.
  • Leo: currently we have own PR on their fork, then review internally. When ready for external review make PR to the main repo (in future apps namespace).
  • Decision: Keep going as is for now, open to changes as we go

DAC: documentation and tutorials

  • Chris has started to make small changes that don’t require macro-changes to the, currently handled in github.
  • Onboarding another more technical contributor
  • Will start work on full tutorials soon.
  • Can share a doc on the tutorial strategy, likely by end of week.
  • Additionally chris has some macro changes he is proposing that may require structural changes to
    • Main thing was moving to a different platform, but doesn’t look like we will be doing that in the short-term.

Aragon One deployments

  • Contracts currently deployed on rinkeby are more or less in deprecated state
  • Will be deploying new contracts, including ens resolver on rinkeby
    • Will have two environments: staging, and the official 0.6 instance
    • The official 0.6 instances will be accessible in the same way that 0.5 is currently
  • This rinkeby deployment will be essentially the same as our mainnet deployment, if all goes well, this deployment will be deployed to mainnet the following week.
    • Mainnet will reference the real ENS instance
  • After deployment, any help banging on the release is much appreciated!

Future of Aragen

  • Arthur: Seems like this hasn’t been maintained, might not be currently working.
    • Wondering if we should port this functionality into the CLI
  • Jorge: aragon/aragen!15
    • This pr makes aragen work with latest changes, nearly ready to be merged.
    • Vision for aragen is to have something to that can be downloaded that creates an environment that justs works, currently it is a dependency for the cli, so not sure it can be ported to CLI.

Add version support tables

  • As the versioning gets more complicated, seems like it might make sense to have which versions of which pieces of aragon work with which versions of other pieces.
  • Would this be useful?
  • Yes, nice to know what is compatible with what.
  • Makes sense to integrate in documentation, maintain in a repo, where does this make sense?
  • Brett: probably the most accessible place. If we had a table on page there it would be quite useful.
  • sends email updates when new versions are released; could be used to keep track of when we should update this table assuming we do a good job of only making breaking changes on major versions


This template is borrowed from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.