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All Core Devs Meeting #9

Meeting Date/Time: 2019/11/05 at 16:00 UTC


Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)

  • Launched to mainnet!
    • 50 DAOs so far, 20 are probably ours :-D
    • Rinkeby was redeployed, 0.6 version & aragonOS 4 lots of activity
  • Lorikeet was announced at Devcon :-D
    • Still a lot of work to be done
    • Will be moving a lot of components from aragon-ui to lorikeet
  • AGP1 is happening!!! :-D
  • Audit
    • WHG audit was updated, we addressed most of the concerns.
    • Consensys audit was finalized, waiting for final version
  • Devcon was a fun reunion, very successful!
    • Dream DAO party was fun, 10-15 DAOs pitched

Aragon DAC updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)

  • Jeremy has updates on the provider
    • Integration with MetaMask, so that you can interact with dapps like you are a DAO.
  • Roadmap meeting for longer term plans
    • Prioritizing provider feature
    • Creating aragon apps that can interact with DEXs
    • Always looking to clear issues and fix bugs
  • We will self assign DAC tagged issues
  • Michael will help out a little bit with PMing
  • Protofire payroll application…
    • need PRs to be merged soon or will be blocking
    • ui components should go into lorikeet now or later?
    • We should be doing a faster turn around for them :-(


Github: aragon-cli ownership (Brett)

  • CLI is becoming a bit overwhelming to maintain
    • Response rate is a little slow looking to have the DAC take it over
      • So many external contributions!
      • We want to under promise over deliver, we can probably do it tho.
      • There will be things A1 wants to do and we will tag issues as appropriate
    • Decision for DAC to take it over will be made after we try owning it for a few weeks

Devcon (Brett)

  • Fun and good
  • Need more user feedback
    • Needs to be shared across teams; which tool to use??

Decentralized exchange app (Arthur)

  • Interacting with DApps thru a DAO is an important feature to push
  • Converting assets to DAI seem like a great first use case (Oasis DEX, Oasis Direct)
  • Lack of liquidity will be a challenge
  • Uniswap just launched on mainnet and would be a good potential choice to integrate with
    • Will use uniswap for initial approach
  • Other option would be 0x.
    • Implement a relayer?

Update on payroll app (Brett, Arthur)

  • Looking at the PR now, as long as the contracts are solid…
    • So far everything looks great, i should be able to give the approval
    • Minimal event handling
    • The next PR will be important to look at as far as the event handling goes.
    • Q says it’s good to go.
    • Brett will probably merge it tonight :-D

How was Jitsi?

  • Mobile is crappy
  • Otherwise it was successful
  • Brett will use Jitsi on Mobile next week
  • We should rename it something cool :-D


Wild card: Stefano

Luis, Brett, Jorge, Pierre, Jouni, Bingen, Luke, Gorka

Jeremy, RJ, Quazia, Griff, Jeff, Michael


This template is borrowed from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.