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All Core Devs Meeting #11

Meeting Date/Time: 2018/12/03 at 16:00 UTC


A1 Updates:

  • 2019 roadmap
  • DAC channel and dev channel
  • Flock proposal
  • new npm module to connect several eth providers. This allow desktop experience quickly

DAC Updates:

  • Structuring flock proposal
  • Major organizational restructuring on zenhub
  • Jeremy will start doing some backlog issues
  • Jeremy has done some provider work, mostly political, standardization
  • ChrisA bringing in more Project Management
  • Maintaining CLI,, JS


  • Pull request for milestone 2 under review
  • Mostly finished with Milestone 3
  • ½ way thru Milestone 4
  • Reviewing potential other additions to the scope.

Moving the call to 5pm

Git branching:

Jeremy Licensing Question? - GPL would like to be maintained… Can it be moved to AGPL? - Can the foundation be listed as the owner? - Everything is labeled as Aragon right now… Lawyers say its the way - The Aragon DAC is an option, but we have no legal status… so probably not worth complicating

Progress on the Provider App

  • Can Demo
  • Linking a debugging keyring and an Aragon Keyring in metamask
  • Will coordinate in the DAC channel in Riot ;-)

Expectations for labels in repos

  • It’s hard to see all the issues that different orgs are working on
    • This solves this issue
  • Reducing the number of labels in JS, CLI, and Hack
    • Making them consistent with color and title…
      • Some current issues have labels
      • Should we remove now? Or wait and let them fall away.
    • Brett might want to add some labels… will be reviewed (Breaking changes, maybe one more)
      • Standardizing labels on A1
      • Aragon Apps need more complicated labels.

Aragon offsite, focusing on the course we are going to take.

  • Merging has been slow, but we will get back to a good cadence.
  • Lots of road map discussions.

Closing early Great fast meeting!


DAC: Griff, Daniel, Gabi, Q


This template is borrowed from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.