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All Core Devs Meeting #17

Meeting Date/Time: 2019/03/04 at 15:00 UTC


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-10min)
  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • Aragon Autark updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • CLI team updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • Technical freeform discussion
  • Distributed storage research updates. OWL
  • CLI refactoring. CLI
  • Minime voting + ERC20 snapshot voting (Rewards refactor?)
  • A1 Voting improvements (version 1: single delegation vs. version 2: a lot of other things)
  • Aragon.js upgrades (naming + RxJS 6). A1
  • Baseline audit update. Authio
  • Diligence PR reviews. Consensys Diligence
  • Identity providers (aragon/aragon.js#251 + forum post). A1
  • Aragon App Development Survey (re: monolothic apps). Autark.



  • Facu joined A1 and will be working on voting

Aragon One updates

  • Aragon Client
    • Work on implementations for 0.7: App Center and Local Identity
  • Aragon Court
    • Rewrite kleros from scratch
    • Pretty rough implementation, potentially 2 weeks from now open source repo with description on how this works.


  • Continuing with enhancements to Planning Suite (M4/M5 on its roadmap). Progressing nicely
  • Rewards research: Refactoring away from a constant-time calculation for dividends to work with pre-existing tokens included in kits. Will need a refactor once these calculations move off-chain to improve efficiency


  • Researching into distributed database: Orbit-DB and Textile
    • Textile is gaining attention, mobile focused, working on JS implementations. Is a less centralized implementation
      • Using pinning nodes instead of just using a single database between all the peers
    • Orbit-DB is node and browser interested but in alpha stage with bugs
      • More flexible but brings risks
      • Requires at least a couple “pinning nodes” to be running at all times
    • 3Box takes away concern as they offer a pinning node (uses orbit-db)
    • If not going with either approach, the question is how to define a spec that could be used in place of either.

Aragon CLI

  • New command to interact with the AgentApp.
  • Migrate existing tests
  • Update docs
  • Release new version

MiniMe voting (aka Voting v2)

  • 0.7 is not the release moving away from MiniMe (will probably happen sometime between 0.8 - 1.0)
  • Will Coordinate with Autark to ensure migration from Minime is in-sync with Projects app
  • Moving from block time to epoch time: Would make time-windowing for dividends in Rewards app easier to calculate. Best alternative right now is approximation around block timestamps, which is messy


  • Daniels have been working in parallel for the next release
  • New version, won’t break but new features coming.
  • New RxJS version 6

Authio update

  • Audit set to deliver by March 14th
  • Most time spent in comprehension, now wrapping up the audit:
    • Making conclusions, setting recommendations
    • How clear is the code? And how easy is to read the code (what one lines does)
    • Is it easy to write secure applications that use Aragon?
    • Goal: easier to extend Aragon for anyone in the ecosystem
    • Next: compile final report

Consensys Diligence

  • They’ve done reviews on some PRs
  • Waiting on some comments being addressed
  • Their focus will be getting a clear sense on the roadmap to better plan their resourcing

App Development Survey

  • Please take it if you have familiarity developing an Aragon App
  • Trying to understand the design considerations around “monolithic apps” aka apps that are tightly dependent on 1 or more other apps

Identity Providers

  • Working on initial infrastructure
  • Plug-in identity providers to try and make it user customizable and dev-extendable

Future Call Considerations

  • Will divide create separate livestream in addition to the Jitsi call.
  • Agenda will be frozen ahead of time so attendees can decide whether to call in or view the livestream


A1: Brett, Jorge, Facu, Luke, Pierre, John, Gorka, Maria

CLI team: Daniel, Gabi

Autark: Arthur, Kevin, Otto, Radek

Open Work Labs: John Schwartz, Thomas

Consensys Diligence: Maurelian

Authio: Alex


This template is borrowed from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.