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All Aragon Devs #21

Call #21: April 29, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST - Audio/video of the meeting - See notes


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-10min)
  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • Aragon Autark updates from last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • Open Work Labs updates from last call and current priorities (~2min)
  • Aragon Mesh updates from the last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • Aragon Black updates from the last call and current priorities (~5-10min)
  • Topics

Proposed topics

  • ANV #2 results
  • Nest update (AA)
  • Organization identity (Autark)
  • TheGraph collaboration for state reducing (Aragon Black)
  • Flock coordination (only flock leads; AA)



  • Deam from Aragon Black


Aragon One

  • 0.7
  • 0.7.1 (next days)
  • Aragon Court
  • Staking
  • aragonAPI work with caching


  • All apps released in Rinkeby
  • Templates accessible via Autark URL
  • We've found some interesting behavior with non-MetaMask extension providers when gas fails to be estimated. Will continue investigating a better flow to handle these cases
  • Different Metamask snag we encountered was fixed: v6.4.1 released to Chrome web store
  • Functioning version for Profiles
  • Starting work on Home app

Open Work Labs

  • Integration with 3Box going fairly smoothly
    • Iframe sandbox restrictions
  • Ongoing discussions for pinning and distributed databases
    • Collaborative clusters look promising
    • Leveraging 3Box's discussions protocol
  • 3Box generally sounds pretty positive
  • Forum and blog posts to go out this week on the research

Aragon Mesh

  • New version of aragen
    • Updated version of apps to 0.7
    • Agent app
    • open.aragonpm.eth registry deployed
  • New version of aragonCLI
    • New command: aragon start for starting the client
    • New command: aragon apm extract-functions for extracting artifact information from contracts
    • verbose option to aragon devchain
    • Update client to 0.7
    • Transaction pathing for apm publish
  • Future
    • Adding more documentation
    • Deploying separate versions of apps on aragen
    • Testing + growing team

Aragon Black

  • Happy to be a Flock team now :)
  • Work on Apiary, should be finished this week
    • Fee mechanisms.
    • Ability to pay for gas, batch processing is not straight forward so worked on a new way to clean the batch so that people can automate this.
    • Refactor contract to split into smallest possible.
  • Frontend design ready and has started working on implementation for the curve.
  • Work on tests


The Network is growing and AA wants to coordinate short updates about NEST. Open space to have conversations about lacking/needed tech that's not directly related to any of the Flock teams.



  • ANV2 results
    • AGP28
      • Make deployments as easy as they are now
      • How to allocate security partner tokens?
      • Organize between Flock teams
    • AGP37
      • AA still has decision to outsource security partners (due to AGP43)
    • AGP42
      • Aragon focused only in Ethereum (did not pass)
      • Options: Polkadot, Cosmos (suggested by Olivier), xDai

Organization Identity

  • Need to pull data into the Home section for widgets
  • The forwarder may need to pull state data for things like dao member metadata
  • Comments about potential caveat with auth services being deployed to IPFS on cases where they need to store sensible data like private API keys. Brett suggested some workarounds.

IPFS collaborative cluster proposal

  • Discussion and details at forum

Flock coordination

  • Open discussion for if/ how to improve flock coordination
    • Are the current tools good? Can they be improved?
    • All devs are useful
  • Let's keep using the forum and sync up calls
  • Think about a more central space to share designs (Figma?
  • How do we share flock roadmap proposals / items?
    • Communication between devs on, the forum, and Github
    • Perhaps a way formalize Aragon Improvement Proposals? (Louis to ask John about this)
    • Make a flock channel for annoucements about important development package updates
  • Should every Flock team use the #check-in channel on
    • How could we make it better?
    • Can we group the updates to be per team? Perhaps a team lead should update what the team is planning / did that week?


Aragon Black: Olivier, Deam, Cory

A1: Brett, Gorka, Jorge, Paty, Pierre, Maria, Luke, Facu

Autark: Arthur, Kevin, Yalda, Otto, Radek

Open Work Labs: Jonathan

Aragon Mesh: Gabi

AA: Louis


Consensys Dilligence: Martin, John


This template is modified from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.