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All Aragon Devs #22

Call #22: May 13, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST - Audio/video of the meeting - See notes


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Aragon One updates from last call and current priorities (~5min)
  • Aragon Autark updates from last call and current priorities (~5min)
  • Aragon Mesh updates from the last call and current priorities (~5min)
  • Aragon Black updates from the last call and current priorities (~5min)
  • Topics

Proposed topics

  • Security request process (AA)
  • Communicating dev tool releases (John Light)
  • Planned API refreshes for Aragon 0.8 and what it means for app developers (A1)
    • Visual refresh
    • App caching
    • aragonOS news
  • (Moved to next call) Potential caching solutions (A1 / AB)
    • The Graph
    • Centralized cache server
  • (Moved to next call) Forwarding API
  • (Moved to next call) IPFS follow-up
  • (Moved to next call) Aragon Mini lib



  • Welcome Cory from Aragon Black!


Aragon One

  • A1 preparing 0.7.2 for the client
  • Trying to finish up payroll app, staging should be out soon!
  • Contract still has to get audited
  • Worked on 0.8 scope, the next release. We want to keep it stable and backward compatible, but it will introduce some visual changes. Middle / end July.
  • A1 started splitting court implementation in different contracts
  • The whitepaper is going to be merged soon with the latest changes.
  • Follow court progress at aragon/aragon-court


  • Determined contract changes needed to implement through external audit
  • Home app: all the design screens are done, working on the initial implementation.
  • Confirmed first external hire, should be on next All Devs!

Open Work Labs

Aragon Mesh

  • Been fixing some bugs during the past 2 weeks and writing tests for the CLI
  • Tutorial to use the CLI with Frame.
  • Enhancement to the aragon start command (it now accepts a dao address argument).
  • Mesh team has a system to prioritize issues on their repo, can be especially useful to Flock teams
  • If you have any issue that exists in this list, please add a :thumbsup: to have it prioritized:

Aragon Black

  • Some work on Apiary
  • Apiary contracts are almost ready
  • Spent the last week double checking all the tests.
  • The bonding curve still require some checks but should be ready 2 weeks from now to be shipped for audit
  • UI/UX is almost there, still some polish to be done (responsiveness, data fetching), will be totally ready in two weeks. From there, there will be some work on the background scripts.
  • Started working on documentation around Apiary, both for developers and end users.
  • Worked on making it possible to commit from the browser.
  • Some refactoring to be done, will be used as an opportunity to move things into a dedicated pando.js library that will be used by the different projects. Support in-browser Markdown editing.
  • CCL license project is being worked on by Aragon Black so that DAOs can sign a license and be compensated when licensed content is used by external parties.
  • TheGraph used as an alternative to using Background scripts is being investigated by Aragon Black.
  • Discussion with Aragon Mesh about the Aragon CLI extensibility. Different alternatives, one of them would be to build a super small library to fetch a DAO and its data for other uses cases than full clients.

Aragon Association



Releasing dev tools and communicating their releases

  • Suggestion to have two release channels, “stable” and “next”, so that we can release more often.
  • We could have a Twitter account for the Aragon dev tools.
  • We could use multiple channels:, micro blog post, forum, Twitter, GitHub releases.
  • For now: use Twitter and, for people who would like to follow the updates on Github, they can use the "watch releases" functionality

Aragon Design system

  • Started as a visual refresh, evolved into a new design system for Aragon.
  • Presentation by Paty: introduction to design systems and w hy it is needed for Aragon.
  • Collection of rules constraints and principles for design in Aragon
  • We could define a governance model for this design system (quality criteria, roles, production stages).
  • Aragon One started creating guidelines about how to create design and components specifications.
  • Overview of the recent design work by the Aragon One design team.
  • New colors set, more consistent, semantic and accessible.
  • Base grid unit of 8x8px. Everything is now based on this unit.
  • New Layout: introduce a maximum width, improve responsiveness by making it work at any size (move from fully fluid to semi-rigid layout).
  • Fix the spacing in general.
  • All the different components are included in this new system, including their states.
  • New icon set, using the new grid unit. More consistency. The list is still small, but we would like to expand it based on the needs of the different Flock teams.
  • Showcasing refreshed apps: App Center, Token Manager, Voting.
  • Next step is to align with all teams and front end leads to discuss implementation with aragonUI and API
  • Design part is finalized in the coming weeks


Aragon Black: Olivier, Xavier, Cory, Deam

A1: Brett, Jorge, Bingen, Luis, Paty, Pierre, Maria, Facu, Daniel, Gorka, Luke

Autark: Arthur, Yalda, Radek,

Open Work Labs: Jonathan

Aragon Mesh: Gabi, Daniel

AA: Louis



This template is modified from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.