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All Aragon Devs #25 (Notes)

Call #25: June 24, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Updates from the last call and current priorities
    • Aragon One (~5min)
    • Autark (~5min)
    • Open Work Labs (~2min)
    • Aragon Mesh (~5min)
    • Aragon Black (~5min)
    • Association (~2min)
  • Topics
    • Developer and user documentation in Aragon
      • A central hub to all Aragon teams?
      • What are "core Aragon apps"?
      • What tools should we use?
    • Token manager strategy for "quasi-transferable tokens" [Autark]
    • Solidity 0.5 upgrade path - is there one? [Autark]
    • PR review process for Aragon repos - what should it be? [Autark]
    • Aragon on xDai
    • IPFS pinning with Pinata




Aragon One

Focus on 0.7.4 released on the 14/15 June with autocomplete search engine for local labels, a new Aragon UI component for this. More stable identity solutions to come in 0.8. Offsite mainly revolving on 0.8 release schedule and focus: - Front-end and design system demo and feedback, Aragon UI will be just for Aragon apps - Will result in improvements to API - Will update post for 0.8 scope with key features notifications system support and app caching introduced in 0.7.4 improvement. Release likely towards end July, beginning of August - Lots of work on the Court: namely final round of appeals, PR being reviewed on this item. Last big item is the subscription model for DAOs to use the Court.


  • Draft AGP was posted for ANV-3 on the forum
  • Audit of front-end code
  • Address book contracts ready for audit
  • Standard Bounty contract has gone throught audit by Consensys and a new version will be released with improvments such as meta-transactions support.
    • New StandardBounties is at pragma 0.5
  • Potentially renaming TPS to Open Enterprise

Open Work Labs

  • Handling external transactions intents and data from other apps in a DAO, will push PR to aragon.js and sync offline
  • Profiles: PR ready for review. Rendering iframe caused issues with CSS, will write offline about methods to integrate 3box to identity resolvers.
  • Will attend IPFS camp and continue to iterate on smart contract based IPFS Clusters.

Aragon Mesh

  • Nest update, and with this occasion we've been reviewing and formatting our releases which were aggregated in a file
  • We marked 3 versions as stable:
  • Made some progress with AGP-28 (the DAOfication of aragonpm.eth)

Nightly build: - Set up probot apps & switched to dependabot from greenkeeper for dependency management. - Added a new option called --apm.ipfs.gateway , which is used to download application artifacts from. The default environments now point to AN's IPFS node. - Switched to depandabot from greenkeeper for dependency updates

Work in progress: - Polishing & testing apm publish, because of the new: - deprecated functions change (that will include a list of removed smart contract functions causing radspec to render correctly) - sanity check change (that will see whether the the current artifacts can be reused or if the app needs to be rebuild) - Splitting the go-ipfs installation from the CLI (because it is slow and sometimes unreliable), that includes: - having a new command to facilitate the installation - recommending it to be installed once, globally, if it's not already installed - Once these two are merged, we will release a new stable version with a changelog since v5.9.3

Aragon Black

  • Worked on redesign on frontends sent by Patty from A1
  • Overview tab and reserves tab and sidepanel is pretty much done

    • There are some tricky small things that still needs to be refined
  • Regarding the Orders tab, we are waiting a bit on Pierre and Paty since they are working on the Table component that we need

  • Having some issues with publishing the Kit utilizing the docker image for dao templates
  • Created deploy script for giving the user the org instance address
  • Background scripts for retrieving order data and token balances
  • Aragon PM repo started
  • Closed Fundraising onboarding applications, made the selection and started calls with selected projectd

Aragon Association

  • Working closely with A1 team in Zug, treasury manners, ops for Swiss entity
  • ANV #3 prep
  • Securing audit for TPS


Developer and user documentation in Aragon

  • A central hub to all Aragon teams?
    • Clarity over where to put docs; wiki? Knowledge base?
  • What are "core Aragon apps"?
    • What's the meaning of a core app, does the package manager count?
    • What goes into the "Aragon" app name? (e.g. Aragon Fundraising vs. Projects)
  • What tools should we use?
    • John: There use to be documentation inside of the wiki; since then our documentation is on HelpScout (paid 3rd party service @ Useful tool for seperating documentation between different apps with links, but poses a challenge because of the paywall around accounts. Is it scalable to coordinate a guest account / onboarding process for new developers. Should app developers host their own documentation for apps or should we include all documentation in a centralized location.
    • Daniel: We have more than just technical documentation but also a user-guide for Fundraising / pando. Would like to add video content as well. Creating a blog / platform for different verticals
    • Yalda: the forwarding flow makes the separation between apps important; it should be easy for a user to understand all the different apps in-between, especially if they're from different developers
      • Different doc sites would get really confusing
    • Brett: HelpScout could be for OS-level functionality, but docs should be maintained per app by their developers
    • Daniel / Louis: Perhaps we could have a template / centralized location for the docs

Token manager strategy for "quasi-transferable tokens" [Autark]

  • MiniMe token with whitelist transferablility, so in order to support roles for this implementation we need to have a permissioned function in the token manager. Should we fork the current implementation or give this feature to the current TM.
  • Sync offline for specific spec

Solidity 0.5 upgrade path - is there one? [Autark]

  • Hiccups causing a change to dependency in the client (Web3)
  • More discussion needs to happen around upgrading the pragma to 0.5
  • Eventually we will have to upgrade

PR review process for Aragon repos - what should it be? [Autark]

  • When would it be possible to review SDK feature changes?
    • Discuss more what the roadmap will look like
    • Give Autark team control to merging PRs as a possible solution
    • Approx 1 week turn-around time for new features/bug fixes

Aragon on xDai

  • What should be the level engagement for the xDAI implementation, should a Flock / Nest team be responsible for maintainence?
    • Louis: We should think about the association creating the proposal and then finiding a team that can take on that work. Or we can wait until a Flock team has the bandwidth to take on this project. Possibly A1 or AB can find reasons to put this on their roadmaps given the apps they are supporting currently.
    • Reach out if anyone has an idea on how to implement

IPFS pinning with Pinata

  • Similar to last topic, looking to spark interest in integrating the Pinata pinning service (up to 1GB).
    • Jonathan: Curious if their endpoint is compatible with the IPFS API (Avoid refactoring). How do we manage the API keys with DAOs (governance questions: does the entity have its own or do the members generate their own etc.)
    • Brett: You can share keys between the members and we utilize local storage. Pinata would just act as a way to host these files peristently, especially if we set the Cloudflare IPFS gateway as our default gateway for interactions with IPFS.


Aragon Black: Daniel S, Deam, Cory

Aragon Mesh: Gabi, Daniel C.

Aragon One: Brett, Jorge, Daniel N, Luke

Autark: Arthur, Yalda, Radek, Chad, Kevin, Otto

Open Work Labs: Jon

Aragon Association: Louis



This template is modified from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.