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All Aragon Devs #26 (Notes)

Call #26: July 8, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Updates from the last call and current priorities
    • Aragon One (~5min)
    • Autark (~5min)
    • Open Work Labs (~2min)
    • Aragon Mesh (~5min)
    • Aragon Black (~5min)
    • Association (~2min)
  • Topics
    • updating app parameters from the UI [AA] (optional)
    • merging Pool and Agent [Aragon Black]




Aragon One

  • Aragon client is progressing, full steam ahead on 0.8
  • Pierre is working on design system, hoping to get it out as it's blocking the rest of the development
  • New table component (DataView) will be completed soon
  • aragonUI will soon be published on npm.
  • Most efforts focused on implementing front-end changes. Some contract related work also occurring: templates are being refactored to make them easier to customze in the future.
  • Working on Payroll changes based on the audit from Consensys
  • Aragon Network: Focusing on last big features - final appeal round with all jurors voting, and subscription fee for organizations that want to use the court. Almost at a stage to be merged. Progress looking good.

Autark & OWL

  • Completed internal audit for Address Book and Rewards and handed them off to the security auditors
  • Finished integrating projects app with StandardBounties v2 contract, and beginning internal audit
  • Finalizing Dot Voting contract upgrades, then external audit
  • Working on IdentityProvider strategies with Aragon client + aragon.js. Collaborating with A1. Target is to have this by mid-August.
  • still working on closing PRs related to external tx intents
  • we have a proof of concept contextual discussion working in dot voting
  • still chipping away at the profile node module

Aragon Mesh

Last two weeks have been focusing on v6.0 of the cli. Made two major changes: * Decoupled IPFS as a dependency. Need to install it manually now. Had some issues previously with IPFS binaries not being available, so this resolves that. * aragon apm publish -- can review the work before it's published and can do aragon ipfs propagate during the publish process. * More details in the changelog: *

Focus for next two weeks: * Add documentation and tests for latest cli release * Gas price customization * AGP-28 test - creating a new template * CLI extensions - allow users to include new commands for different apps and be able to run it in the cli

Aragon Black

  • Luis and Louis visited last week. Based on feedback, decided to open two new positions on the development team -- will be posted soon. Know of people excited - send them their way.
    • UX/React position
    • web3 position
  • Addressing audit for the Fundraising contracts. The market maker contract is the more detailed one to resolve. Did research and may have come up with a solution that's interesting. Synced with Billy about it to see about making the changes. Done by end of week
  • Front-end mostly done. Deam has been working with Paty and Pierre to implement the latest design system.
  • Background scripts: new member is picking it up
  • The roadmap for now: rinkeby version published by early August. Mainnet - "as soon as we are sure the feedback is good and we have addressed issues"



Updating app parameters from the UI

  • Something that could be discussed at a Flock level as far as setting standards for how app parameters are managed in the UI
  • Note: modifying parameters has not yet been implemented in the cli (although you can use dao exec to change them)
  • A1's thoughts: have been toying with the idea of having a "settings" app where you can see application-specific settings all grouped under a single location. Haven't gone too far down this road yet, but the design team is working on solidifying it after 0.8

Merge Poolinto Agent

  • Aragon Black has been working on Pool contract for the Fundraising app. Working on a safeExecute() function which is similar to the execute() function. Wondering if it makes sense to merge the pool app into the Agent app, as at the end of the day, it is an upgrade of the Agent app.
  • Brett agrees "there's no reason someone would install the agent app if they had the pool app". The question is how we go about doing this -- should we wait a bit longer for some specs to solidify (EIP 1271 on signature signing).
    • If EPI 1271 is not close to being done at all, we should just merge the two - Jorge agrees.
  • By Wednesday the app will be done -- up to Aragon One to decide the path forward, but would need it published by August to rinkeby to stay in sync with the Fundraising app roadmap. Needs to ensure it is backwards compatible.
  • UX question: would it confuse people that it's called the "pool" in the documentation. Should it be called agent instead? What does the frontend look like?
  • There is no UI or frontend dedicated to the pool. The strategy was to wait for the Agent to have a frontend then to copy it. (See frontend designs for Agent here:
  • The Fundraising frontend always has information of what is stored in the pool; Fundraising can operate independently without users actually interfacing with the Agent.
  • Conclusion/strategy: merge the two and try to get Frame to bundle the safeExecute() action.


Aragon Black: Olivier, Xavier, Deam

Aragon Mesh: Gabi, Daniel

Aragon One: Brett, Jorge, Luke, Paty, Pierre, Daniel, Bingen, Facu, Gorka

Autark: Yalda, Arthur, Kevin,

Open Work Labs:

Aragon Association: Louis



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