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All Aragon Devs #29 (Notes)

Call #29: August 19, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Updates from the last call and current priorities
    • Aragon One (~5min)
    • Autark (~5min)
    • Open Work Labs (~2min)
    • Aragon Mesh (~5min)
    • Aragon Black (~5min)
    • Association (~2min)
  • Topics
    • Should All Devs Become Working Group?



Aragon One

  • Current focus on 0.8 Release. Most apps have been ported over
  • Designing a new onboarding experience for users including new templates which are going through an audit right now.
  • Current 0.8 release target is by end of month internally.
  • Aragon Court is currently focused on code refactors and cleanup, specifically with the heartbeat.


  • Forwarder API ready to be reviewed
  • Start work on aragonAPI internal app triggers
  • More robust voting settings
  • Update address-book
  • Review audit changes
  • Focus on the audit review on next cycle
  • Open Enterprise Mainnet release target: early october

Open Work Labs

  • Solidify a plan for ipfs
  • Review storage needed on aragon apps

Aragon Mesh

  • Iterating on the last release and gathered feedback from the community
  • CLI v7 release targetted for next week with large refactor for extension modules

Aragon Black

  • Cleanup of the fundraising repo
  • Fundraising ready for experimental deployment
  • Pool contracts finally merged into the Agent
  • Fundraising kits now use the new template arquitecture
  • Presale contract being integrated
  • Deam been working on the onboarding template and frontend
  • Waiting for feedback from second round of audit

Aragon Association

  • Daily operations and running for the association
  • Slowly deploying working groups
  • Working groups added to the wiki as a section (needs more details)
  • Anybody can now add and attend working groups
  • Organized meetings during blockchain week


Should All Devs Become Working Group?

  • This could allow us to expand all devs in terms of functionality and allow it to evolve
  • Should all devs continue to have a status update function or does it belong elsewhere?
  • Q: Would this then become the product working group?
    • A: No, this would be the development working group.
  • Can work on finanlizing the specific role of the All Devs call into Development working group which will be shared on the forum.


Aragon Black: Olivier, Xavier

Aragon Mesh: Gabi

Aragon One: Pierre, Jorge, Brett

Autark: Otto, Chad, Arthur, Yalda, Kevin

Open Work Labs: Jon

Aragon Association: Louis



This template is modified from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.