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All Aragon Devs #31 (Notes)

Call #31: september 16, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Updates from the last call and current priorities
    • Aragon One (~5min)
    • Autark (~5min)
    • Open Work Labs (~2min)
    • Aragon Mesh (~5min)
    • Aragon Black (~5min)
    • Association (~2min)
  • Topics




Aragon One

  • Client
    • Released Client V0.8
    • Add templates for Open Enterprise and Fundraising
  • Court
    • Finishing testing phase, integration tests and simulations remain
    • Trying to plan out the rest of the year: audit, deployment tasks etc
    • Proposal for it's launch will be determined this week


  • Frontend Updates almost complete with new design system
  • Chad created a stubbed frontend system using localstorage
  • Storage has a complete Proof-of-concept and is moving to contract-based pinning
  • Finishing up templates and mixedbytes will start auditing them later this week
    • Base template: all Open Enterprise Apps (will be released on mainnet)
    • OE template with modified token manager
    • OE + Discussions
  • Focus is on mainnet release, more generally
  • Design system finish, working on allocation
  • Front-end solution using mocking
  • Automate continue deployment for test rinkeby deployment
  • Initial Proof of Concept of contract base pinning
  • Audit on templates
    • Open entreprise template
    • Other two that relay on contracts

Next two week: * Finish update on the app and then publish

Open Work Labs

  • Storage Work
    • First task: Letting the client pin to an org's storage location
    • Working to create more proofs of concept/ feature demos
  • Operational Plan: Newly created orgs will have a limited amount of space to pin to Autarks or Aragon's IPFS node

Aragon Mesh

  • Backlog grooming for bugs and github issues: prioritized and released a patch
  • Fixed issues with ganache and aragen
  • Released new version of aragonCLI that includes client V0.8 and new ganache version
  • product planning for new aragonCLI: new features!
  • Onboarding Matthew and Sacha

Question from Brett: What is the timeline for the new version of the CLI? A: Still prioritizing features and roadmap to decide on features to include and development method to take before we can determine a possible release

Aragon Black

  • Backend
    • Finish update contract after the audit
    • Almost done with reviewing the presale contract
    • Done updating contracts
    • Almost done reviewing the presale contracts
    • Done updating the new template
  • Frontend
    • Using library for charts that lacks a maintainer, refactoring to create more meaningful charts, new features as trends
    • Working to foster a better workflow
    • Working with A1 on the onboarding screen for creating a new fundraising instance
    • Will be working to get this out to mainnet as soon as possible, hopefully before Devcon V

Aragon Association

  • We're Hiring: Operations Manager
  • Still in process of deploying Nest DAO
    • Will be call on Thursday for Q&A on Nest DAO
  • Flock governance process under development
    • Improve aplicationn process, currently a bit ambiguous as to what's needed to apply


Opening up the aragon Github organization to community members (A1)

  • Know who are developers of the Aragon organization
  • Label users as Aragon dev community members
  • Transition the GitHub orgs to a more open community of contribution
  • Should start transitioning the Aragon org on Github to be more open and allow users to represent themselves as contributors to the Aragon github org
  • Having a type of badge that show people contribution on diferent topics
  • The biggest challenge is finding contributors outside github who have done valuable stuff in the forum and chat and elsewhere

Major League Hacking / other hackathon participation (A1)

  • Query to see if we are getting involve in this
  • Wondering if we want to start showing up
  • Casual hackathoon that university from Europe and USA organize
  • Action item: define what we need from these hackathons and what are our goals do we want talent or testing? students attracted by 1: novelty and 2: opportunities (such as internship)
  • Maybe we could link that to the 'Aragon Academy'
  • Should we be doing more university outreach going forward? There aren't many left right now
  • The season goes from the Fall to the early Spring
  • North America
  • Europe

How should the GUI & CLI clients support apps without contracts (that may concern only the user, or may provide an UI alternative) ? (Mesh)

  • Having the ability to use CLI extensions
  • Have a way to install and uninstall them, how they comunicate with each other
  • the pando app could extend th cli
  • Might be good to build an extension pathway around building apps that don't need contracts
  • An idea is to use a microkernel architecture and be closelly related with the UI
  • How to deal with apps that don't have contracts?
    • Decouple this between diferent APM repos?


Aragon Black: Xavier, Olivier

Aragon Mesh: Daniel, Gabi

Aragon One: Pierre, Bingen, Luke, Facu, Jorge, Brett

Autark: Arthur, Kevin, Emilio, Otto, Chad

Open Work Labs: John

Aragon Association: Louis



This template is modified from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.