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All Aragon Devs #34 (Notes)

Call #34: October 28th, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Updates from the last call and current priorities
    • Aragon One (~5min)
    • Autark (~5min)
    • Open Work Labs (~2min)
    • Aragon Mesh (~5min)
    • Aragon Black (~5min)
    • Association (~2min)
  • Topics



  • Rodrigo from 1Hive team
  • Mathew attending ETH Waterloo with Gabi and Louis. Helping on the aragonCLI
  • Peter from Autark


Aragon One

Last two weeks:

  • Small updates on the client
  • Wrapping the aragonUI looking to version 1.0 🎉
  • Wrapper hotfix to support open enterprise

Next two weekw:

  • Finish agent UI
  • Finish payroll
  • Release aragonUI version 1.0


Last two weeks
  • Review the whole implementation of the contracts
  • Setting up audit to started this week
Next two weeks
  • Pick up on the UI for the court. Looking to release by end of the year.


Last weeks
  • Offsite right after devcon
  • Getting open enterprise done
  • Settingup bounties to support communiy bug bounty
Next weeks
  • Fixing front end bugs
  • Adding some small new features to Open Enterprise
  • Alternative open enterprise templates
  • Researching the path towards decoupling the Projects app from Github and enable bounties on decentralized projects & issues
  • Research with A1 on contributing SDK (e.g. deep linking, radspec IPFS helper)
  • Aim to put OE apps on mainnet between next couple of weeks
  • We need Address Book identity provider PR reviewed - aragon/aragon.js!391

Open Work Labs

  • Working on quaziar, a pin service.
    • All feaures are already there
    • Working on deployment and how to integrate with the client
  • 3box identity resolution.
    • Found a couple of bugs, helping improving that.
  • Research on storj and ipfs integration. Look into how might be useful

Aragon Mesh

  • Working on some features
  • Mapping the current state of the CLI
  • SDK planning as a whole

Aragon Black

No updates

Aragon Association

  • Hiring Joe to help in the association
  • Working on the strategy report
  • Reinforcing the vision of the Aragon project (forum)


Update on Storj + IPFS integration

  • May not be more reliable that we have right now
  • Introduce some portencial unkowns
    • Hard to be asure the information will be store on the pc

Brett: Is pretty critical. We need to have a way to backup or retrive it on chain. Not sure about pinata node reliability.

Jon: Not sure if backing the pin set will be enough

Brett: There are two problems with IPFS CIDs: 1. Keeping track of the CIDs and how they relate to organizations / contracts 2. Keeping the content resolvable

If we asume tha Tardigrade is better than the solution we have right no,w we might have a better solution for 2.

Open questions: - Is Tardigrade a more reliable storage solution?

aragonCLI roadmap

Ale and Gabi have been working on a full review of the CLI.

Making the CLI more reliable and easy to use, towards building a robust product, removing complexity and having more people using and contributing to it.

We've been studying the current state of the code and features, and we are trying to start thinking the design of the SDK as a whole, probably in the next few weeks.

The idea would be to improve the user experience, reducing its complexity and lowering the barrier needed to understand and use the CLI.

Kevin: Love the initiative, it is really important we do dog-fooding here. It is the entry point for most of our users and devs.

Ale: Encouraging everyone to contribute and help building a single codebase we all reuse instead of building custom stuff every time.

Facu: Would be nice to gather feedback from the community and devs to understand their thoughts and pain points about the CLI.

Gabi: He is planning to work on gathering feedback during the week.

Generating permission diagrams using Aragraph

Gabi: The SDK is aware of this stuff and they are already thinking of ways to include this kind of tools as well.

Brett: We definitely need to work on a more dynamic way of bootsraping a DAO, the current templates pattern we currently have won't scale.

ETHWaterloo: Dev UX research and marketing operation

Have user use the stack and look into how they are using and learn from that experience. Mentorship user using the Aragon stack.

  • Ideas
    • onlyOwner demonstration

aragon-storage contract as part of default template

How we can set a storage contract as a default app.

Jon: Will contact Gabi to discuss about it

Brett: The main probelm is that it cost gas and the templates are at the limits. Giving that storage contract should be easy to setup. We might want to do it as an extra instalation function.

Main problem is about the way we are installing Aragon apps. There are some conversations on improving aragonOS ACL to be more robust on this use cases.


Aragon Black:

Aragon Mesh: Gabi

Aragon One: Bingen, Facu, Brett, Ale, Gabi

Autark: Yalda, Kevin, Peter, Otto

Open Work Labs:

Aragon Association: Louis

Community: Rodrigo, Mathew


This template is modified from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.