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All Aragon Devs #35 (Notes)

Call #35: November 11th, 2019 8am PST / 11am EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CEST


  • Appoint note takers
  • Introduce team members who haven’t already met each other (~0-5min)
  • Updates from the last call and current priorities
  • Aragon One (~5min)
  • Autark (~5min)
  • Open Work Labs (~2min)
  • Aragon Mesh (~5min)
  • Aragon Black (~5min)
  • Association (~2min)
  • Topics




Aragon One

  • Waiting to cut a release & update apps
  • There may be a release candidate out already!
  • Client changes: deep linking now supported in client! Will talk later about what that means.
  • CLI being updated to more stable version; looking to mid-______ for new version release
  • aragonSDK working group formed around these efforts; 5 or 6 people now contributing to this
  • Aragon Court:
  • Audit coming in on Friday; as far as we know now, nothing major found by auditors
  • Working on a Phase 1 site for onboarding jurors
  • Making interface for jurors themselves now for working through disputes
  • Launch date for court: not public yet; probably mid-December for pre-sale for juror token; February or so for initial launch


  • Final push to mainnet! Have been collecting user testing & resolving issues discovered
  • DAI on mainnet not properly handled; a straightforward solution has been implemented, has caused syncing issues that only appear on mainnet; should be resolved in a day or two
  • upcoming:
  • Half of team on support & maintenance
  • Work toward supporting non-GitHub version of Projects
  • Improve Allocations, including better visibility into Allocations
  • Providing specification for Token API; to start development next week, pending turnaround on spec
  • Small Radspec changes throughout Open Enterprise
  • Finalizing token manager & reputation template audits

Open Work Labs

  • First draft of Aragon Client integration with Quasar, an IPFS pinning implementation, almost wrapped up; will need review soon
  • First use-case of Quasar: organization settings, to make sure this data is pinned & only permissioned people are allowed pinning to organization's Quasar node
  • After org settings: how can we optimize individual Aragon apps with Quasar?
  • 3box identity: first version implemented; bugs documented; 3box addressing bugs; will submit PR to aragonJS once those bugs are addressed

Aragon Mesh

  • Gabi away; no update this week

Aragon Black

  • No one present from Aragon Black; no update this week

Aragon Association

  • Louis has been off the last 1.5 weeks
  • AA organization changes announced


Supporting Multi-collateral DAI

  • MakerDAO is going to upgrade DAI to be multi-collateral next Monday (Nov. 18)
  • Old DAI token => SAI
  • Multi-collateral DAI => DAI
  • SAI will dissappear in a few months, after a global settle happens
  • Potential issue with all front ends, depending on changes Maker will make
  • Unclear whether we'll have to override the name and symbol of SAI
  • All frontends will have to upgrade to know about the new MCD DAI's address
  • Upgrade towards the end of next week (~Nov. 21) to make sure it works well in all apps
  • All apps should handle this as well


  • Support within a specific app now merged! PR here
  • App tells client "I want to navigate to a new URL" and client decides if the app should be allowed. If allowed, the app receives an event, which it can listen to in order to change URLs
  • Does not yet support inter-app navigation
  • Autark plans to start implementing deeplinking within Open Enterprise apps next week

ETH Waterloo

  • Autark sent Arthur, Chad, & Kevin
  • Main takeaway: an interest in exploring The Graph more – what's the status of that within Aragon? We would like to possibly do a tech demo of The Graph
  • Brett: adds more complexity to app developer's life
  • Planning to use it in court, which has stable contracts
  • The client and other Aragon apps use dynamically-deployed contracts, and have the ability to add new apps/contracts later. How would these be incorporated into a DAO's subgraph node?
  • More research is needed!


Aragon Black:

Aragon Mesh:

Aragon One: Brett Sun, Alejandro Santander, Facundo Spagnuolo

Autark: Chad Ostrowski, Arthur Lunn, Peter Phillips, Yalda Mousavinia

Open Work Labs: Jon Schwartz

Aragon Association: Louis Giraux



This template is modified from the Ethereum All Core Devs call notes template and inherits the same CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.