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Aragon Project blog posts in 2017


News from the Front

The look of Aragon has been updated to a cohesive whole

Starting with the next version, v0.5 — The Refactor Release, Aragon will feature an entirely revamped interface. The decision to redesign the DApp was simple. There was a need to align the app and it’s updated graphical identity, design principles and use cases to the origin of the project. Exciting!

Team Interviews: Alexa, Aragon’s Operations Assistant

Alexa took the leap into the blockchain world and isn’t looking back

Today our Team Interview is with Alexa, Aragon’s new Operations Assistant— we discussed what brought her to work in the blockchain space and why did she choose to work on Aragon.

Thoughts On Governance and Network Effects

This post discusses governance and its impact on network effects and why both relate to how value flows and is captured within tokenized blockchain networks.

Team Interviews: Brett, Aragon’s EVM Engineer

Brett is the most recent wizard to join the team

This Team Interview focuses on Brett, Aragon’s new EVM/Solidity Engineer— how he came to work at Aragon, what he thinks of Ethereum and the decentralization movement as well as what this coding wizard uses in his work set up.

Introducing Aragon Nest

A grants program to support the development of the ecosystems

To help support the ecosystem flourish, we are introducing, together with Placeholder — lead by Joel Monegro and Chris Burniske — a grants program called Aragon Nest.

Team Interviews: John, Aragon’s Community Lead

John joins the team as the new Community Lead

John Light has been involved in the cryptocurrency scene for years and we really want to give him a warm welcome from everyone in the team! In this interview he will share his reflections on Ethereum and on how he came to work at Aragon with some fresh ideas which he intends to bring to life soon.


Aragon Team Update: November 2017

Written reviews of what the team members have been up to

Team members will produce a write-up of the most important things they have worked on since last Community Meeting, the problems they have found and what they plan to do in the next weeks (that can be a bit blurry, and that’s fine). These write-ups will be published as a blog post for the community to review on Monday before Friday’s meeting.

Aragon Q3 Transparency Report

A recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q3 2017

As per our Transparency Model, we do quarterly Transparency Reports of our use of funds and about the overall progress of the project.

Team Interviews: Pierre, Aragon’s Frontend Developer

I interviewed Pierre about how he came to work at Aragon, his thoughts on the future of Ethereum and tips for aspiring developers and teams

Another new member has joined the team! Pierre is a Frontend Developer that will help the team in fulfilling the Aragon vision. We talked about his experience as a software developer making beautiful user experiences, his thoughts on Ethereum, what tools he uses and what tips he has for aspiring developers and teams working in the space.


Team Interviews: Luke, Aragon’s Research Lead

Luke and I talked about how he got involved with Ethereum and Aragon as well as what he sees that the future holds for them

Our team has grown and gained a new member again! Today we’re introducing Luke as a new addition. We discussed how he got into working on Ethereum and Aragon, what his vision of their future is and what he’s most excited about getting to work on.

Aragon Q3 Development Update

This quarter we have been hard at work developing the new v0.5 release. This release paves the way for Aragon to be an extendable governance tool which supports all possible use cases. It has required an immense amount of changes, including a re-architecturing called aragonOS

Aragon Chat is now open

Aragon starts using the open source messaging platform Rocket Chat

We’re happy to inform you that the migration to Rocket Chat is now complete. All users and public channels have been migrated over to the new platform, so feel free to jump in and join the conversation! To use the new Aragon Chat, you can connect directly via the web page or download one of the clients available for Rocket Chat and point it to

Introducing aragonOS: Say hi to modular and extendable organizations

Aragon’s new exokernel-inspired architecture

aragonOS smart contract architecture is based on the idea of an organization being the aggregate of multiple components (called applications) and a pillar that is the Kernel, which governs how these applications can talk to each other and how other entities can interact with them.


Aragon will be Community Governed

What community governance really entails

Since the inception of the project, Aragon’s vision has been to be open source software and to give power over it to the people who use it. The whole platform will be a community effort — and it will take time to build it as envisioned.

Right now we are a community based project and our long-term plan is to be a community governed project. To learn why this has been our vision for the project, where we are at the moment and how we plan on achieving our goals, let’s take a look into the history and definition of these terms

Announcing Our Migration To An Open Source Messaging Platform

Aragon will migrate to Rocket Chat along with 10 other Ethereum projects

Today we are announcing the plan of several Ethereum based projects to migrate to the open source messaging platform Rocket Chat.

Aragon will be migrating our community out of Slack and onto Rocket Chat in the next couple of weeks.

This has been a joint effort from the projects participating in the migration plan. Aragon initially started the proposal for the community after there had already been discussion on the subject from multiple projects. We came together as members of the same ecosystem and community to work on this plan to find an alternative that fit the needs of these cryptocurrency projects.


Why Transparency Matters

Aragon Transparency Model and the unveiling of Aragon’s new Transparency Framework

At Aragon, we feel obliged to show to our community — supporters, contributors and token holders — that we are being productive, effective and using the raised funds in a responsible manner.

The community is very important to us, they are the ones that we’re building this project for. They support us, provide feedback and ideas on how we can all move forward while catering the needs of the users. In turn, we want to uphold our high transparency standards to keep the community up to date on what we are doing.

This is why we’re showcasing our model for doing things transparently.

This all began with our Pre-Sale Transparency Report. And recently continued with the Token Buyback Transparency Report.

We’ll now present you with all the different methods we’re employing. The parts of our project’s transparency model, starting with the new Transparency Framework.

Token Buyback Transparency Report

Why did we buy back ANT and how we will disclose these events

Today, adhering to our high transparency standards, we’re ready to take the first step in our plan to extend our level of transparency — which is why we’re reporting our token buybacks.

In our Intended Use of Revenue post we outlined the broad estimated allocation of our funds. As the development of our project has continued, we’ve been able to narrow down some of the use cases of which we’ll use our funds for.


Aragon Network Jurisdiction Part 1: Decentralized Court

When first designing Aragon, the goal was to have organizations run entirely trustless. Thus, we created a platform to create organizations governed by trustless and immutable code. Now, when we say that these organizations run in a trustless manner, we’re talking about how to describe the laws under which the code runs. Code is trustless when deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. It won’t change at the whim of a person, it will run as designed, following the logic set forth in it.

Yet, it was clear that we can’t account for every possible circumstance in our code. Even if you manage to encode tons of variables into the code, there are things you cannot possibly encode because the blockchain isn’t aware about the physical world. And often, in the case of disputes, things are subjective and up to interpretation.

Our solution to this problem is the Aragon Network Jurisdiction. A decentralized jurisdiction to solve subjective disputes as an Aragon Network service.

The emergent Ethereum stack

district0x, the first manifestation of the Ethereum + Aragon stack

Software allows us to abstract away from existing functionality to focus on building.

At Aragon, we use Ethereum. Ethereum provides us the consensus layer to establish truth. And the ability to create smart contracts that are self-enforcing.

So, generally speaking, we don’t have to worry about Ethereum. We use Ethereum, driving usage to the platform, thus increasing its value. So we’re indirectly funding its further development.

That’s the virtuous circle that tokenization makes possible.

Aragon’s Community Governance Model

How we plan to achieve transparency and inclusion for the community

Our community is everything for us. With Aragon, we want a thousand communities to flourish. Tokens align the incentives of communities and projects towards the same goals and values. But those communities are the center of where the magic happens.

Two weeks ago we posted our Community Governance Model for feedback from the community. We received some comments on it, and we now have the final version of the model ready. Before this, we had already worked on the model internally. I drafted the original version and Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo provided their thoughts on it.

Further changes might be made as things develop. But we wanted to show the community what we’ll be doing in terms of governance, transparency and inclusion.

The model was designed so that every community member will be treated equally. Everyone will have the same changes of participation, and our Meetings and decisions to be transparent.

Introducing Mihai Alisie as an Advisor

Why him, why now and the road ahead

We announced two of our Advisors before the successful ANT sale. Kenny Rowe from the MakerDAO project and Jake Brukhman of CoinFund. Both experts in their fields and respected members of the Ethereum community.

While we did have our Board of Advisors in place before the token sale, we chose not to disclose all the members then.

Aragon Q2 Development Update

v0.4 release status and the road ahead

We will be delivering regular updates on the development of Aragon. This is our first quarterly update to bring the community up to speed on where we’re at and the road ahead.


Team Interviews: María, Aragon’s Head of Strategy and Operations

María shares her thoughts about Aragon and what got her into working on an Ethereum based project

As a continuation on our team interview series, I interviewed María — Aragon’s Head of Strategy and Operations — to learn more about her, her interest in Ethereum, how she came to work, and her role, at Aragon.

Aragon to power the district0x Network

Welcoming district0x to the Aragon Network Jurisdiction

Today, we are pleased to introduce the first resident of the Aragon Network Jurisdiction, the district0x Network

The district0x Network is a collective of decentralized marketplaces and communities powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS. Markets on the network, also referred to as districts, are all built upon a shared framework comprised of smart contracts and front-end libraries which provide the functionality necessary to operate communal marketplaces which are similar to services like AirBNB, eBay, Uber, or Reddit with payments.

Aragon partners with 0x

Making decentralized organizations go beyond Ether

So today, we’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with 0x to allow Aragon organizations to accept and operate with any token. 0x is a protocol for decentralized exchange on Ethereum allowing users to exchange tokens without a central broker — ending the many inefficiencies of centralization by enabling transparent token exchanges between contracts.

Team Interviews: Tatu, Aragon’s Community Lead

Tatu talks about why he is part of the Ethereum community and why he is so enthusiastic about Aragon and decentralization

As part of our team interview series (Luis’ Interview|Jorge’s Interview), I’ve interviewed Tatu— Aragon’s Community Lead — to learn more about his experience in the Ethereum ecosystem, the projects he’s most excited about, and why he chose to work for Aragon.


Announcing the ENS Aragon Network Company Registry

With Aragon, we set out to create software that makes it easy to create and run decentralized organizations. However, meaningless ETH addresses made sending funds and completing transactions for operating a business unnecessarily complicated.

Fortunately, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) recently solved this issue by enabling the assignment of human-readable names to eth addresses. This was important for the entire Ethereum ecosystem (including Aragon)— no longer do you have to send transactions to a series of numbers and letters.

So today, we’re excited to announce that we won the bid for the name company.eth! In this post, we’ll explain how Aragon organizations will use the name and the implications for Aragon Network user-adoption.

The Aragon Token Sale: The Numbers

Roughly $25 million was collected in 26 minutes. The rate was $122k/s the first 3 blocks.

Yesterday, we closed the 4th largest crowdfunding event in history, and the 2nd largest in the blockchain space (after The DAO). Raising 275,000 ether, or roughly $25 million, we’re incredibly humbled by the support of the community and the trust in our mission to make decentralized autonomous organizations widespread.

In this post, we’d like to reflect on the last 48 hours, provide some data on the sale, and most importantly express our gratitude to the community.

Final token sale recap

Please read How to Securely Participate in the sale for information and tutorials on how to participate.

Pre-Sale Transparency Report

Before tomorrow’s token sale, we believe it’s important that we release a transparency report about the pre-sale. This post will provide you with details on who purchased ANT before the token sale, the terms of the sale, the total Ether received, and how those funds were used.

Aragon Token Sale Contracts Have Been Deployed and Activated

ANT sale begins on Ethereum mainnet’s block 3,723,000 — May 17, ~6pm GMT

How to Participate in the Sale

  • Wait for block 3,723,000 (May 17 at approximately 6pm GMT). You can check what the latest block is on Etherscan. After block 3,722,999 has been mined, it is safe to send the transaction. Note that sending the transaction before that block is mined will result in a loss of fees.
  • Send ETH to the address posted on
  • Send at least 200,000 gas with your transaction.
  • If your contribution is accepted, tokens will be transferred to your address in the same transaction. However, tokens will not be transferable until the sale is finalized.

Introducing the Aragon Community Multisig

A ⅗ multisig that will approve the deployment of the Aragon Network

The Aragon Network Token (ANT) will initially begin as an upgradable token, but will evolve to serve as the governance token for the Aragon Network when deployed.

We estimate that the Aragon Network will be deployed in May of 2018. Prior to deployment and transition to a governance token, we plan to perform numerous audits and bug bounties to ensure thorough testing and to mitigate the risk of another DAO hack.

However, the actual ANT token will be first distributed in 2 days. So this raises the question: how do we plan to upgrade the token’s functionality to a governance token?

Token sale cap clarification

tl;dr: Our cap is not $100m, or near that amount

We have had a lot of questions about our hidden cap mechanism.

Since it’s pretty new to the token sale world, we understand the confusion and want to provide a simple breakdown to clarify.

Token Sale Audit Results

No Critical Issues Reported and Token Sale is On-Schedule

To ensure a stable and safe token sale, we employed the help of Jordi Baylina and Piper Merriam to perform independent audits of Aragon token sale contract code. Jordi and Piper completed their reports this week and published their independent findings (Jordi’s Report | Piper’s Report). No critical issues were reported in either independent audit. And for the issues that were found, we’ve worked closely with Jordi and Piper to resolve them and improve the code.

In addition, we’re happy to announce that there have been no critical issues reported through the bug bounty program. Thanks to all of those that have participated, and note that the bug bounty program will continue indefinitely.

Announcing the Aragon Advisors

Kenny from MakerDAO and Jake from CoinFund will be advising Aragon

We are pleased to announce two people that we really admire in the Ethereum community will be joining us as advis0rs: Kenny Rowe and Jake Brukhman.

Open Sourcing Aragon

Making Aragon Code Accessible and Providing Documentation Soon

When I was 12, I got my first laptop — a piece of junk with only 256MB of RAM. It was slow and literally falling apart. But this didn’t stop me from developing. Using Linux, I had the latest available software. And thanks to thousands of developers around the world, I could examine different pieces of code and learn programming.

The free software and open source phenomena has not only made the world a more inclusive place, but it has also increased the speed of software development — by sharing, developers no longer need to reinvent the wheel. For example, we didn’t have to build the native app wrapper or the Ethereum wallet for Aragon.

So when we find something that we can give back to the community, we make a point of doing so. We’ve found that by sharing code, others can learn from it (like I did as a teenager) and people will find ways to improve it.

How to Securely Participate in the Aragon Token Sale

Using Mist, Parity, My Ether Wallet, and Metamask

The ANT token sale is happening on May 17th! In anticipation, we’ve been and will continue to frequently post about Aragon and sale details. In this post, we list the sources to trust for ANT sale information, and provide instructions for purchasing with Mist, Parity, My Ether Wallet, and Metamask.

Aragon On Tour: Meetups Around the Globe

Come to one of our meetups, have a beer with us and talk decentralized awesomeness

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. This has been extremely beneficial for the development of communities around the world, and crypto is perhaps one of the most remarkable examples.

But who doesn’t like to have a beer with people that share common interests? It’s part of our human nature!

So aside from being on Slack all day and night, we’ve organized a series of meetups for Ethereum & Aragon enthusiasts to get together to talk about exciting projects and have a few drinks!

Aragon Tutorial: Raising funds with a token

How you can raise capital creating your own token in a few clicks

Token sales are changing the rules of the game, making it extremely easy for anyone in the world to gather capital and build new products.

With Aragon, you can create token sales in a few clicks and publish the sale address so everyone can participate.

Our Public Product Roadmap and Issue Reporting

Enhancing transparency in product development

Often, product and software development is secretive and confidential until the official product launch. While this has the effect of building excitement, it can lead to unrealistic user expectations, development of products that are missing key features, and ultimately products that miss end-user needs.

As a result, we believe it’s important to engage the community throughout the product development process — and this is what we’ve done while developing Aragon. The community has consistently provided valuable feedback and unique perspectives. From user interface design to our token model, feedback from the Aragon community has guided Aragon Core and Network development.

Aragon token sale bug bounty

We’re excited to announce that we are conducting a bug bounty in advance of the Aragon Network Token sale. We believe bug bounties are essential to ensuring a safe release, and are especially important when cryptocurrency is being exchanged. This post will provide more details on our bug bounty program scope, the timeline, and compensation.

Aragon Tutorial: Tokens and voting

How you can easily create your own token and govern your organization with it

From the beginning, we wanted Aragon to be a tool that anyone can use. So we put a lot of thought into making things easy.

To make things even easier, we are starting a series of short videos that explain every part of Aragon.

Our Intended Use of Revenue

How we plan to use the token sale to drive development

As previously announced, the Aragon Network Token (ANT) sale will be conducted on May 17th. The funds raised will fund Aragon Core development and the Network deployment.

The specific steps and timeline to make Aragon production ready are outlined in our development plan, released last week. In this post, we’re excited to provide details on our intended use of revenue from the token sale.


Aragon + Status: Bringing decentralized organizations everywhere

Getting ready to offer Aragon to 2.3bn smartphone users

Our mission at Aragon is to make decentralized organizations widespread.

To achieve our mission, we built a dApp to easily create and operate decentralized organizations on Ethereum. First, we focused on building a feature rich web and desktop (including MacOS, Linux, and Windows) application.

But our initial focus ignored a major way that over 2.3 billion people interact with applications today: their smartphones. The reason we ignored these users was simple — the development effort to create mobile applications is significant and would distract from developing fully featured web and desktop versions.

A note for exchanges or holders interacting with ANT in an automated manner

The Aragon Network Token has vesting built in that limits the transferability of the token until a specified time.

Aragon Token Sale Technical Overview

TL;DR: ANT is a MiniMe Token with built-in vesting functionality. Two security audits are currently being performed and a bug bounty will begin soon. ANT contract code is live on Github.

This post will discuss the ANT base token and its functionality, the ANT sale contract, and the current state of ANT security and future efforts to ensure a successful token sale.

The path to mainstream decentralized organizations

Yesterday, we published our development plan for Aragon Core and the Aragon Network. This post explains in greater detail our structure to store and allocate funds from Aragon Network Token (ANT) sales, features of the next Aragon Core release, and plans to deploy the Aragon Network and its first organizations.

Introducing the Aragon Development Plan

The road ahead to make decentralized organizations widespread

Last week, we announced our token sale and its terms.

Today, we will be addressing the future of Aragon, by releasing our Development Plan.

Aragon Network Token sale terms

Founder vesting, simple pricing and distribution

Yesterday we announced the Aragon Network Token sale. Today, we will go into its details. For a simple overview of the sale in just one page, download the one pager.

Announcing the Aragon Network Token sale

ANT sale starts on May 17th. Bootstrapping the creation of the world’s first digital jurisdiction.

We have been asked countless times about whether we would do a token sale or not. Our answer always was: if it makes sense, we will!

After launching Aragon, we spent a lot of time talking to people and thinking. What will be the main issues to make decentralized organizations widespread?

Team Interviews: Luis, Aragon’s Project Lead

Luis talks about why he is creating Aragon and his long-term vision for it

I have interviewed my cofounder Luis — Aragon’s Project Lead — and asked him about the future of the project, and his long term vision.

Introducing the Aragon Network

Solving the biggest hurdles to make decentralized organizations widespread

Our first step was to develop an extremely easy to use product on top of the Ethereum blockchain that lets everyone run decentralized organizations. Now we have validated the concept, the market interest and most importantly, the main hurdles to realize our vision.

Those main hurdles to make decentralized organizations widespread are upgradeability and decentralized arbitration.

The 8 pillars of any organization

A walk-through of Aragon and the why behind each feature

When we set out to create Aragon, we researched what were the core features that an organization needs.

Last year, the 11th of November, we came up with the first version of the product full spec. Most of the features that you see today in Aragon, as well as how they are structured, were laid out that month.

Since we have been asked a few times which was our thought process to came up with that features, I’ll go through it.

Team Interviews: Jorge, Aragon’s Tech Lead

Jorge talks about what excites him the most about Aragon, and the road ahead

I have interviewed my cofounder Jorge — Aragon’s Tech Lead — and asked him about the Ethereum community, his workspace and the road ahead.

Decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems

Disintermediating human trade — business — is the first step towards a more fair world

We take most power for granted. After all, humans enforce most of their social contracts by giving away some freedom.

We usually think about intermediaries in a microscopic scale. We think about the guy who delivered us a package. Or the agency we hired to find us a buyer for an apartment.

Yet those intermediaries are insignificant compared to the macro-scale intermediaries.


The Governance Release, Alpha 0.3 🏳️

Bring your token, new bylaws, web version and more

Tokens are changing the rules of the game. We don’t need to think about obscure business models anymore. We can align our users’ incentives with ours and release a token that implements that logic.

At Aragon we believe that we are at the dawn of this token model.

And we want to help the community in this journey.

So today, we are introducing ERC20 token support for Aragon.

Releasing Aragon Alpha 🚀

One month ago, we introduced our vision of how companies and organizations will work. And we set to make it a reality.

Today, I want to personally thank all the community for the warmest welcome we could have ever dreamed of for Aragon.

Advanced Solidity code deployment techniques

This is a continuation post to the work we did with Zeppelin for the article on Proxy libraries for code upgradeability. Reading that post is not required in order to understand this one, but it is definitely a recommended read, as the ideas are pretty much on the same line. And towards the end we will combine them.

Electron + MetaMask = Secure, Easy to Use Dapps 🔒

Sandboxing Ethereum DApps with Electron

When we chose what would be our main build target for Aragon, our priorities for choosing Electron + MetaMask were security and usability.

Of course Aragon also runs on any Web3 environment (like Mist, Parity, Chrome with MetaMask…) but we wanted to have a build target in which we have full control over the user experience.

Since we got part of the community intrigued on how our implementation works, this post hopes to explain our decisions and the challenges we found.

How Aragon approaches identity and the Ethereum Keybase Resolver

Identity is one of the most important parts when developing decentralized applications. This is specially true for Aragon, where identity is needed to know who are you doing business with or who are the people that will manage the money you are investing.


Library Driven Development in Solidity

A comprehensive review on how to develop more modular, reusable and elegant smart contract systems on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine by using libraries

Introducing Aragon: Unstoppable companies

Today, taking a stand to help this fight, we are introducing Aragon.
Aragon is everything you need to operate your company or organizational structure, on Ethereum.
Aragon lets everyone create value without borders or intermediaries.
Cap table, vesting, payments, voting, bylaws, fundraising and identity all in a beautiful, unified interface.