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Aragon One blog posts in 2018


The Aragon One commitment

Now that Aragon One is just a regular Aragon team, what differentiates us from other teams?

That is a very important question to answer. Starting Jan 17th, 2019, ANT holders will have the last say to which teams get funded.

For that reason, I wanted to make an effort to write down what makes Aragon One unique.

Tips and tricks to get started with Solidity

Hints and suggestions for beginners to get started on becoming a Solidity developer.

As the title of this article states, this is intended to give you hints and suggestions to get you started on becoming a Solidity developer. This isn't a tutorial or a how-to in itself. There is a lot of literature for that on the web, it wouldn't make sense to add yet another one. This is based on my own experience following the path (which just began) and it tries to help you avoid too much wandering to kickstart yours. For those of you who don't know, Solidity is a programming language used for Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Team Interviews: Lorena, Assistant at Aragon One

Lorena comes from a communications background and she's excited about joining the passionate team.

Hello! I’m Lorena, Assistant at Aragon One. In this role, I will be helping the team to coordinate and prioritize their schedules. I'll be supporting their daily activities and taking care of those time-consuming things that pop up daily so they can concentrate and focus on their own responsibilities. I will also be dealing with administrative tasks, organizing and coordinating activities in the Aragon One office. That is the main reason why I moved to Switzerland.


Upgrading Aragon Voting Part 1: The Ethereum Storage Time Machine

Voting is at the core of what we do at Aragon.

In this series of posts, we will introduce our latest research on how we intend to completely revamp Aragon's Voting infrastructure in order to achieve the above properties.

In this first post, we will begin explaining the base of this new infrastructure, EVM Storage Proofs (aka 'The Ethereum Storage Time Machine'), a new technique we have developed that can be used to prove past storage values to other contracts.

The future of organizations

We believe that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are, at the core, a new way of organizing and unlocking human potential

On this piece, we are going to touch briefly on the origin of companies and then we are going to focus on DAOs. We believe distributed organizations offer a potential solution to these issues as well as a good guiding compass for the future of companies.

Trust Minimized Governance Tokens

With the recent Mainnet release of Aragon, it’s easier than ever to create an unstoppable organization and issue governance tokens.

In this post I’ll propose two potential mechanisms that would help minimize the trust required to use governance tokens by protecting the interests of minority and passive stakeholders without compromising self-sovereignty.


Using APM to replace NPM and other centralized package managers

APM stands for Aragon Package Manager.

The summary is that APM is a decentralized package manager. APM handles the upgreadability of smart contracts as well as arbitrary data blobs.

A Blockchain Perspective on Three Product #BUIDL’ing Motivations

I've been thinking a lot about what motivates those of us BUIDLing blockchain products.

Three types of motivation keep emerging in my consciousness and daily experience. Each type has its own attractions and difficulties. This post will explain my perspective on the three.


Enter the world of personal DAOs

The next step after plain Ethereum accounts

A personal DAO is your own Aragon DAO that acts as your agent in the decentralized world. A personal DAO borrows all the features you can expect from an Aragon DAO, but it isn't an organization comprised of multiple people.

Join Aragon One

What is Aragon One working on, the positions we are currently hiring for and our community referral program

Aragon One is one of the development teams working on Aragon. It is part of the plan to decentralize Aragon’s development and governance (see Decentralizing Aragon’s development I, II, III).