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Projects currently using this platform


  • Federated architecture: Any user in any community could talk to another one in another different community, seamlessly
  • Decentralized infrastructure; Even though provides everything needed for Projects and users, self-deployed instances are also supported and widely used on the Matrix standard
  • Server Deployment supported: Be in control of your own data
  • End-to-end encryption for private messages and public as well as closed group chats: Useful for internal communications, for example
  • Built using React, easy to maintain and work on
  • Numeral user-levels, easy to set different levels for usergroups, ie. 50 for Moderator, 100 for Admin
  • Communities: Ability to create Communities provides the project ability to create multiple channels within their Community and visible to users within the Community, removes bloating from the interface
  • Communities will provide ability to do Community wide bans (Unsure if a community can join a community to create an umbrella community for ie. Ethereum Community wide bans)
  • They have message pinning, message editing and reactions coming by the end of 2017
  • Reactions coming by the end of 2017
  • Basic moderation and rich moderation API
  • Roadmap for upvotes/downvotes on messages and per-member reputation
  • Usernames can contain flags, similar to Reddit, to signal status in the community
  • Notifications: Work on web, desktop and mobile, includes notifications inbox
  • A huge range of clients that support the Matrix standard, Riot is just one of them
  • Bridges: Allows you to mirror the messages from Slack, Gitter, IRC, Twitter, Telegram, SMS and more
  • Native mobile clients for Android and iOS, and desktop too
  • Mobile clients are superior to Rocket.Chat's, work well
  • Has arbitrarily finely grained ACLs (based on a 'power level' system where users get a numeric power level from 0 to 100)


  • UX is bad, specially for newcomers
  • Encryption / key exchange is buggy and keeps causing issues in encrypted channels, unfortunately
  • Lack of message pinning, editing and reactions, but as seen above, they're coming by the end of 2017
  • They are having funding issues and require a very significant amount of capital to continue with the project for the next 18 months, at least. This might be a lesser issue, but not confirmed
  • No customization options in the client for Projects
  • Self-deployed instances aren't necessary, but would incur monthly costs if used