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Projects currently using this platform


  • Slack Import: Import your current data, users and channels to Rocket Chat
  • Registration: Multiple options can be used: Manual registration using email. OAuth registration using GitHub, GitLab, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meteor
  • Room Info: Easily set Topic, Announcement & Description for every channel individually. Any room can be set as Private, Read Only or Archived
  • Off-The-Record: OTR - encrypted conversations
  • Search history: Not limited to just last 10,000 messages in the platform
  • Notifications: Seperate settings for Audio, Desktop, Mobile, Email & Unread alert
  • Roles: Roles Available - Admin, Moderator, Owner, User, Bot. Multiple permission available that can be set
  • Permissions Granular permissions for different uses classes
  • UI and Theming: Projects can have customized, personalized themes set for themselves
  • Slack Bridge: Allows you to mirror the messages received in a Slack channel or private group into Rocket.Chat in real-time
  • Messages can be pinned and starred
  • Reactions: Quickly respond to any message with an emoji reaction
  • Server Deployment required: Be in control of your own data
  • Supports integrations via WebHooks
  • End-to-End Encryption has a Pull Request at Github
  • Will likely integrate the same Matrix network that Riot uses into their backend at some point


  • Slack Import: Can't import DM's and private channels
  • OTR requires both participants requires both sides to be online
  • OTR: Improvements to End-to-End Encryption Implemenation still needed
  • Requires a Server Deployment: Manual or PaaS options available for deployment
  • Server Deployment will incur monthly costs, ballpark approximation could be $50/month
  • Centralized Server Deployment can create a single-point of failure for a Project
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS are available, have received bad reviews from users
  • UI and Theming is still an incomplete feature