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Write-Up - John

Aragon Community Meeting 06 Write-Up for November

John - (New!) Community Lead

New website copy

Reviewed and edited in collaboration with Luis and Tatu on refining the copy.

Aragon Meetup in Helsinki

Attended the meetup with Luis and Tatu. Helped welcome people, serve food and drink, pass out Aragon swag.

Wiki review

Opened 12 issues during a review of the Aragon Wiki with Tatu.

Updates to #Frontline

Worked with Tatu to learn about the Frontline program's history and start charting a course for the future.

Begin planning transition to community governance

Had a discussion with Luis and Tatu about the future of the Aragon Foundation and the Core team after the transition to community governance via DAO.

Team interview post

Sent answers to Tatu along with a photo to use for the post.

Aragon Network deep-dive

Learned more about the Aragon Network, ANT use-cases, and Aragon Network Services from Luis and Tatu.


Complete onboarding

Finish reading through all community documentation, past meeting notes, and other docs.

Start 2018 Community Strategy doc

Begin planning for community growth and engagement in 2018, especially around taking advantage of the impact the mainnet launch will have on public interest.

Team bonding

Continue getting to know members of the team better so we can help each other achieve great things together.

Organizing the organization

Review team organization processes and provide feedback wherever it's needed. Help the core team operations run smoothly.