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Write-Up - Jorge

Aragon Community Meeting 06 Write-Up for November

Jorge - Tech Lead

Security Audits

  • The first security audits for aragonOS and aragon-apps were completed.
  • No major issues were found, though it triggered some changes.
  • Audit report will be made public soon.

AragonID (credits to @Brett)

  • Basic identity system for v0.5 release
  • Secure ENS subdomain registrars by minimizing trust until main registrar update.

Devcon talk

  • Spoke at Ethereum Foundation's developers conference about Aragon's approach to smart contract upgradeability.
  • Video and slides can be found here


Towards v0.5 release

  • When all smart contracts are integrated into the client, start final security audits.
  • Public bug bounty program for all v0.5 contracts
  • Finalize deployment pipeline work


  • Improve goal setting and deadlines management
  • Clear roadmap for next releases
  • Improve documentation and overall experience for external contributors