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Write-Up - Oliver

Aragon Community Meeting 06 Write-Up for November

Oliver - Glue

Workshop in Madrid

I went to Madrid to work with Brett, Luis and Jorge on identity. I also got time to work on aragon-dev-cli.


  • Added scaffolding support, so it is now possible to create projects faster
    • Also created two templates (react and bare).
  • Started doing a big refactor of the CLI internals which will give the CLI a new look and feel, but also make it easier to implement new features
  • Started working a bit on a new command: playground. It spins up a development environment with APM set up and a DAO for testing purposes.

natspec lite (radspec)

The way natspec works now is insecure, since any valid JavaScript goes.

The current library simply evaluates the JavaScript expressions, which is a threat to dapps, since comments in code could potentially alter the UI and trick the user.

Since we rely on natspec for describing transactions in Aragon, we started working on a stripped-down version.

  • The basic syntax is down
  • AST traversal is done
  • The parser is almost complete

This project will be released in December.

General planning

I've worked closely with Jorge to identify potential issues and new features, such as a governance layer for APM repositories.



  • Finish refactor
  • Finish playground command


  • Split the library and rename the two new parts to @aragon/wrapper and @aragon/client respectively
  • Finish transaction pathing
  • Start work on remaining RPC calls