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Write-Up - Tatu

Aragon Community Meeting 06 Write-Up for November

Tatu - Community Lead / Communications Director

New website copy

Worked on writing the initial new copy of the new website, reviewed and edited in collaboration with Luis and John on refining the copy.

Aragon Meetup in Helsinki

Contacting people for presenting at the event, talking to people and booking the venue for the event, planning, organizing, preparing and executing the Aragon Meetup Helsinki event on 23rd of November 2017.

Updates to Aragon Chat

  • Create #governance channel
  • Assign people permissions
  • Post updates to #announcements
  • General talking to people and welcoming them

Updates with Wachsman PR

  • Monthly update call
  • Q&A with their team

Updates to the wiki

16 different commits to the wiki so far

Q3 Transparency Report blog post

Pierre's Team Interview blog post

AGP7: Merge Aragon HQ and Community meetings

  • Discuss details of the proposal
  • Write the changes to Community Governance Model and close the issue in Github


More wiki updates

  • Continue working on improving the wiki

More blog posts

There will be more team interviews and other posts coming

Continue working on overall communication Strategy

Continue on helping and growing the community