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Write-Up - Alexa

Aragon Community Meeting 07 Write-Up for December

Alexa - Operations Assistant

Completed Trial Week in Madrid

with Maria, Luis, and Jorge!

Completed Onboarding

Finished reading through all documentation, past meeting notes, and all receipts, expenses, and services for the Foundation

Organizing and cleaning up finances

for reporting and closure of the 2017 fiscal year

Working with Aragon Foundation accountants

and Maria to understand requirements for processes of reporting

Streamlining Payroll and Expense Reimbursement procedures

Miscellaneous dealings with Crypto-Service Providers


Improve communications

and find secure and dependable channel for financial reporting with accountants

Migrate File Management Service

Create monthly budgets

and expense breakdowns to further understand and predict how Foundation money is and will be spent

Plan and execute Q1 Team Offsite

Help with logistics for Q1 Events/MeetUps/etc

Look for new ways to ensure privacy

while streamlining all operations processes