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Write-Up - Brett

Aragon Community Meeting 07 Write-Up for December

Brett - EVM/Solidity/* Engineer

Aragon ID (aragon/aragon-id)

  • Documentation, rationale, and use cases

Aragon UI (aragon/aragon-ui)

  • New components:
    • Inputs
  • Reworked old components:
    • Button (and AnchorButton)
    • Text
  • Small quality-of-life upgrades for building and development

Aragon Apps (aragon/aragon-apps)

  • Settings (UI)
  • 404 App Not Found


Aragon ID

  • Help @onjberg with integration with aragon-js
  • Write wiki entry

Aragon UI

  • New components as necessary

Aragon Apps

  • IFrame loader for apps in DApp
  • More app frontends
  • Connecting app frontends to aragon-js