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Write-Up - John

Aragon Community Meeting 07 Write-Up for December 2017

John Light - Community Lead

Finish onboarding for new role

  • Install team software, sign up for team accounts
  • Join external community chat groups
  • Set up one-on-ones with core team members
  • Familiarize myself with internal docs and processes

Aragon Interactive Demo Series

  • Create plan outline
  • Set up event RSVP system
  • Begin writing scenario stories
  • Blocked from finishing until 0.5 is ready for internal testing so I can write stories around the new UX

2018 Community Growth and Engagement Plan

  • Began working on the outline, goal is to finish by the end of January

Community stats

  • We experienced 23% mo/mo growth across community channels in December, twice the rate of October and November


  • Finish Aragon Interactive Demo Series planning document, write formal announcement once ready

  • Finish 2018 Community Growth and Engagement Plan

  • Help plan involvement in upcoming events

  • Review wiki, Rocket Chat, AragonProject subreddit, Github, and community code of conduct and update as needed

  • Keep community stats updated and be available to help out in community channels