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Write-Up - Oliver

Aragon Community Meeting 07 Write-Up for December

Oliver - Glue


  • Transaction pathing is done (tests pending)
  • Started work on splitting node-aragon in two and renaming it to aragon.js

Aragon CLI

Aragon CLI is the primary development tool for bootstrapping and publishing Aragon apps.

  • Finished the initial refactor!
  • New UX
  • New commands (bootstrap for creating projects from templates)
  • Better configuration of RPC providers amongst other options
  • Better error reporting
  • Started initial work on commands to bootstrap a development environment (as opposed to reading lengthy guides and doing it manually)


  • Did a small patch to make the notification panel animation a bit faster


Radspec is an alternative DSL to Natspec, but unlike Natspec, it is safe to use and it supports external calls via Web3.

This is an important part of the overall UX of Aragon, since it will be used to turn transaction data into something human-readable.

  • Published the repository
  • Finished the lexer and the parser
  • Almost finished the evaluator
  • Radspec is close to being ready for initial use


  • Did an initial prototype on APM as an Aragon app. This will allow people to easily have a governance layer over their package repositories, such as deciding who and when people can publish packages.


  • Migrated all my tasks to Flow
  • Celebrated Yule 🎄


Finish Radspec 1.0.0

There's a few missing things for Radspec to be done, such as groupings (( and )) and if-statements (cond ? a : b).

Tests for transaction pathing

Testing node-aragon is hard because it needs a full DAO. Work on this is underway, but I want to finish it to ensure nothing breaks in newer versions.

node-aragon initial release

There's a few unimplemented RPC calls in node-aragon that need to be implemented for the initial release, and I want to finish these as well (notifications, app contexts, ...)