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Write-Up - Tatu

Aragon Community Meeting 07 Write-Up for December

Tatu - Communications Lead

Working on the wiki

Many updates to the wiki, creating new issues for people to contribute, reviewed Pull Requests and merged them.

Blog posts

Provide feedback, help polish and review blog posts by others - Thoughts On Governance and Network Effects - News from the Front

  • Small changes to the layout of the Homepage of the blog

  • Design the procedure and create a documentation for our internal Process for Publishing

Help John with things

  • List of some community chats
  • Guide for updating wiki
  • Updating community stats scraper
  • General talking to people and welcoming them

Discuss the new Crypto Communities project of Rocket Chat with their team


More wiki updates

Continue working on improving the wiki

More blog posts

There will be more posts coming

Start the Monthly Newsletter

Continue working on overall communication strategy

Start preparing communications for next software releases