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Write-Up - Brett

Aragon Community Meeting 08 Write-Up for January 2018

Brett - EVM/Solidity/* Engineer

Aragon UI (aragon/aragon-ui)

Aragon (aragon/aragon)

  • IFrame to render apps in, and a progress indicator for the loading

AragonOS (aragon/aragonOS)

  • Internal audit for pre-3.0 version
  • Small clean ups / fixes
  • 2.0 documentation grammar fixes


Aragon UI

  • New components as necessary, especially the ones I missed delivering in January:
    • TimeInput
    • DateInput (calendar)

Aragon Apps

  • Token Manager

Aragon Dapp

  • Launching webworkers for apps who have declared a background script
  • Launch launch launch 0.5!


  • Help with audit and necessary fixes