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Write-Up - John

Aragon Community Meeting 08 Write-Up for January 2018

John Light - Community Lead

Started work on a community github repo


Wrapping up work on the first draft of the Aragon Community Guide

  • Community definition
  • Collaboration enablers
  • Project governance

Aragon announcement distribution

  • Q4 Development Report
  • Q4 Transparency Report
  • Launch of Aragon Nest
  • aragonOS 3.0 release

Q1 travel planning

Community stats


Next month

  • Finish Aragon Interactive Demo Series planning document, write formal announcement once ready

  • Release Aragon Community Guide v1.0 for peer review

  • Open up aragon/community repo on GitHub for public contribution

  • Traveling to ETH Denver to meet the local community, will look into planning a local Aragon community gathering

  • Keep wiki and community stats updated and be available to help out in community channels