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Write-Up - Jorge

Aragon Community Meeting 08 Write-Up for January 2018

Jorge – Tech lead


  • Refactor and release aOS 3.0, announcement
  • Coordinate and kickoff audit with Whitehat Group
  • Documentation refactor WIP
  • APM refactor as Aragon org

Aragon Core

  • Start integrating all parts of stack into Aragon v0.5
  • Development and testing templates for Aragon organizations
  • Started and reviewed work on new Payroll app


  • Added Status Open Bounty to our repos, which resulted on +10 new open source contributors.
  • Attended 0x dev meeting and pushed for a future EIP
  • Organizational and legal strategy planning for 2018 with Luis and Maria


  • Launch Aragon v0.5
  • ETHDenver hackathon and presentation
  • Aragon 2018 development roadmap
  • Write and submit EIPs for some of our work: smart contract ecrecover, proxy standard and decentralized source code verification.