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Write-Up - Luke

Aragon Community Meeting 08 Write-Up for January 2018

Luke - Research Lead

Aragon Labs

  • Kicked off Modular Token Curated Registry working group
  • Kicked off Liquid Democracy working group
  • Aragon Labs Announcement Blog (Publishing Soon!)
  • Started LiquidPledging Integration project with Giveth



  • ETHDenver Governance Workshop preparation
  • Research efforts related to Aragon Network services


Aragon Labs

  • Working group wiki documentation
  • Finish Liquid Democracy Specification and start development
  • Help port TCR pattern to aragonOS
  • Work on improving community involvement and engagement with Labs, proposal discussion, experiment incentivization, etc.


  • Continue ongoing research efforts related to Aragon Network Governance
  • Experiment with Signaling/CarbonFeedback and Off-chain tabulation


  • ETHDenver!