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Write-Up - Maria

Aragon Community Meeting 08 Write-Up for January 2018

Maria - Strategy and Operations Lead


  • Worked on the launch of Nest, reviewed the first applications and talked to applicants answering doubts about the application process
  • Worked on the structure of the Aragon proxy
  • Worked on exploring friendly jurisdictions that could be key for certain parts of the project
  • Worked on the initial ideas on the future of the structure of the Foundation and the Team
  • Worked on several legal strategies important for the successful development of the project
  • Worked on the Aragon IP licenses and IP related matters


  • Organized and structured the work and the workflow with the different lawyers collaborating with the project
  • Worked with EY on the several accounting matters
  • Reached out to some accounting firms regarding audit services
  • Meetings with several banks, law firms and other service providers firms in Switzerland


  • Helped reviewing the blog post on Nest
  • Interview in Evan Van Ness' podcast together with Luis



  • Continue working on Nest improving the program as it develops so we have key teams working on many of the key challenges for Aragon and Ethereum
  • Continue working on the several IP related matters
  • Continue working on the different strategy initiatives mentioned above


  • Oversee accounting to make sure all different tax and accounting obligations are met
  • Start working with an accounting firm on the auditing of the annual accounts