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Write-Up - Tatu

Aragon Community Meeting 08 Write-Up for January 2018

Tatu - Communications Lead

Designed, created and soft launched Aragon Monthly

Aragon Monthly is a community curated monthly digital newspaper about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the Aragon ecosystem. Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

Aragon Monthly is created by the community, for the community.

Anyone can contribute by creating or requesting new content about DAOs and anything related to the Aragon ecosystem.

  • Created and designed the concept of a community curated digital newspaper that is accompanied by a monthly newsletter
  • Issue 00 was sent out to Aragon Monthly Newsletter subscribers
  • Invited people from the Ethereum & Aragon community to join as Staff Contributors
  • Have been helping community to add and review content for Issue 01

Working on the wiki

Many updates to the wiki, creating new issues for people to contribute, reviewed Pull Requests and merged them.

Polishes to Nest repo

General layout polishing, creating guides for submissions and updating templates.

Blog posts

Provide feedback, help edit & polish posts, review blog posts by others

Small updates to the layout of the Homepage of the blog

Community Meetings

Design the procedure and create a documentation for our internal Process for Community Meetings

  • Create a Guide for CM Write-Ups


Aragon is a proud sponsor of:



Keeping Wiki up to date and adding content

Aragon Monthly

Publish Issue 01 and send out the monthly newsletter, help community and staff contributors in creating and curating content


  • Announce Aragon Core alpha v0.5
  • Other possible announcements, updates, interviews

Continue working on overall communication strategy

Start preparing communications for all the things Aragon