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Write-Up - Bingen

Aragon Community Meeting 09 Write-Up for February 2018

ßingen - Solidity Engineer


Met the team during the trial and onboarding week in Madrid and the offsite 01.

Aragon Apps

  • New Payroll app.
  • Met with auditors, a couple of minor fixes to finance app as a result.

Aragon Labs

  • Met with Luke and Eduardo Medina from Democracy Earth
  • Participated in the discussion to set Liquid Democracy requirements


Helped reviewing Solidity and DevOps candidate submissions.


Aragon Labs

Continue the work with Liquid Democracy specs and start building it on top of AragonOS

Aragon OS/ Aragon Apps

Help with anything needed, especially for audit review and 0.5 launch.


Continue the search for a DevOps candidate.


  • ScalingNOW in Barcelona