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Write-Up - Jorge

Aragon Community Meeting 09 Write-Up for February 2018

Jorge – Tech lead

Megatrial week

  • The first week of February, we did a trial week for Jouni, Bingen and Chris, the trial was successful for the three of them and we are super happy that they joined us.


  • Did some very productive workshops on User Stories, the split of the Foundation and companies, Pay protocol and to transfer fund sovereignty to the AN.

  • Planning for the development of Whitepaper v2 and prototypes of the Aragon Network. I will be personally working on the Aragon Network as soon as v0.5 is launched.

  • Did an internal roadmap for the initial part of 2018.

  • In general, we were very happy to see how many things in our Dev Plan can probably be executed sooner than we expected thanks to core infrastructure work, such as aOS, paying off.

  • Thanks to the team for coming but specially to our amazing advisors, Jake and Brayton, and our partners, Joel and Chris. Having people that don't work with us on a daily basis living with us for a week was invaluable.


We will continue working on standardization of most of our work to allow better interop with other projects and support from common infrastructure such as wallets or block explorers.

We started a standards working group with Colony, DAOStack, Harbour and Zeppelin.

Staking app

  • The Staking app that Oliver started, have received some more work and is now being worked on as part of aragon-apps aragon/aragon-apps!101

  • It is a very important component that will be used in Aragon's modular generic TCR implementation and the Aragon Network.


  • It was a really productive week and we were super pleased with what people built.

  • Personal thoughts:

  • Leading up to ETHDenver we did a ton of work on documentation to get it to a point where people could use aragonOS and our tooling to build apps on top of Aragon. People were able to do so, but documentation will require some more work during the following months.

  • Doing a postmortem soon to analyze what went well and poorly and how to improve for future hackathons. We will be doing a lot more as they are really valuable.

Audits and bug bounty

  • WHG audit is progressing. Part of the team met the auditors in BCN for two very productive days. Some architectural improvements have been proposed and are in the way of being implemented. In general we are getting green light and it is not going to be a stopper for launch.

  • We are making arrangements for another audit that will begin during the first half of March. This will audit deployed code to the mainnet and will be the green light towards launch.

  • A live bug bounty will begin during the first half of March. Expect more details soon.


  • Launch Aragon v0.5
  • Madrid Blockchain for Good, Google and presentations
  • Continue submitting EIPs for some of our work: smart contract ecrecover, and decentralized source code verification.
  • Continue coordinating audits and bug bounties to mainnet deployment.
  • Start work on Aragon Network prototypes
  • Taking some in March time off after launch