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Write-Up - Oliver

Aragon Community Meeting 09 Write-Up for February 2018

Oliver - Glue

Events / Onboarding


Spent a week with the Arafam at the Q1 offsite.

Trial week

Worked with Bingen, Jouni and Chris during their trial week.


Met with auditors and yanked out APM-specific logic to it's own library because of it, amongst oher things.


Spent a week at ETHDenver helping people hack on Aragon. People built super exciting and cool stuff, and we learned a lot about the state of our tools and documentation, too! Can't wait to see what people will build in the future :)


Put togeher some rough documentation for the following things (primarily because of ETHDenver):

  • Aragon CLI
  • aragon.js
  • Created a rough "developer portal" (


Released a few beta versions, each with their own things. Summarised:

  • Transaction pathing works
  • Reading state works
  • Basic cache is implemented
  • Basic support for notifications is implemented
  • Listening for events has been implemented
  • Some meta-changes (CI, crude documentation, bug fixes and shuffling some things around)


Aragon CLI

A lot of things have changed in aragonOS, so Aragon CLI has some pending work

  • Should be compatible with permission escalation, since APM is now a DAO
  • playground and bootstrap commands for better dev experience


  • More tests, more stable API
  • Better documentation


  • Launch 0.5


  • ScalingNOW in Barcelona
  • EthCC in Paris