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Write-Up - Brett

Aragon Community Meeting 10 Write-Up for March 2018

Brett - EVM/Solidity/* Engineer

What a month.

Aragon Dapp (@aragon/aragon)

  • We launched!!!
  • Connected all the apps to aragon.js
  • Added better notification support, although this has been disabled for now

Aragon Apps (@aragon/aragon-apps)

  • Connected each app to @aragon/aragon and aragon.js
    • Implemented background scripts for each app
    • Connected the app frontends to their aragon.js caches
  • Small tweaks and fixes as found during initial testing for 0.5

AragonOS (@aragon/aragonOS)

  • Helped with addressing initial WHG audit comments that were prioritized before next round of audits

Aragon UI (@aragon/aragon-ui)

Aragon.js (@aragon/aragon.js)

  • Tweaks and fixes for connecting to the wrapper and apps

Aragon Dev Cli (@aragon/aragon-dev-cli)

  • Fixes for a few solidity parsing bugs for generating the artifact.json from a smart contract



  • Continue addressing WHG audit comments that were non-prioritized
  • Communicate and help with second round of smart contract audits
  • Begin work towards a 4.0!

Aragon Apps

  • Additional features to the background scripts, e.g. notifications support and block caching

Aragon Dapp

  • Fix bugs and add more error resilience
  • Implement upcoming features