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Write-Up - Jorge

Aragon Community Meeting 10 Write-Up for March 2018

Jorge – Tech lead

Finally launched Aragon v0.5! 🚀🦅

  • Release notes:

  • So proud the work the entire team has done to get us here 💞

  • Launch was flawless from the communications and community side and technically no big issues have been raised. So congrats everyone on an amazingly uneventful launch!

Helped onboard Chris Remus, Aragon's product manager

  • Chris joined us in Madrid the first week of March, for a productive week of organizing the product pipeline and assess our current processes.

  • Chris already helped a lot coordinating and organizing the last mile of the v0.5 launch, and he will be the owner of the next development cycles.


  • New Vault with support for arbitrary token standards was developed and integrated as part of the release. With this new Vault, Aragon organizations are able to own ERC777 and ERC721 NFTs in an easy way.

  • We deployed the first instance of apm-serve a bridge to APM in the web2 at

  • Worked on the server infrastructure to support Aragon v0.5. Even though it is fully decentralized and trustless thanks to IPFS and the APM, having some support nodes is helpful. Anyway all state is computed trustlessly on every client, no node-mongo stack. We have also hired a devops to help us take our server infrastructure to the next level.

  • Jordi Baylina and the team at DappNode deployed the first Aragon Package Manager Registry in the Ethereum mainnet, making it the first mainnet live Aragon DAO.



Audits and bug bounty

  • We have been working on improving aragonOS and aragon-apps based on WHG feedback. Our fixes will be now reviewed by them again and a final report will be produced.

  • Details of the second audit are almost finalized, audit will have already begun by the time these words are being read!

  • A live bug bounty will begin soon encouraging people to break Aragon's first mainnet DAO.


  • Deploy Aragon's own DAO to the mainnet and start doing payroll with it
  • Help with Aragon Network whitepaper v2 and continue Network prototyping
  • Help District0x and Status prototype their future Aragon mainnet deployments
  • Start Aragon Core live bug bounty in the mainnet
  • Coordinate audit #2 and finalize audit #1
  • Offsite #2 and Asian Tour with other European projects!