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Write-Up - Jouni

Aragon Community Meeting 10 Write-Up for March 2018

Jouni - Design Lead

Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • Finished onboarding flow for 0.5
  • designed an empty state for home screen post-registration, animated an ETH tx svg for it
  • Started design for App Center
  • Added designs for different notifications (pending, complete, failed)
  • Designed a new home screen for seeing status of past actions
  • Added username creation/update to settings


  • Designed several blog post headers (will add these on github if people want to use them elsewhere)
  • Designed an Aragon video intro motion graphic


Aragon / Aragon Apps

  • continue work on the App Center
  • continue work on the Payroll app
  • start work on DAO switcher design
  • explore the concept of personal DAO
  • conduct user testing and interviews with early adopters of 0.5 for UX feedback
  • implement design updates based on 0.5 user feedback
  • improve voting app design


  • Support blog posts, events etc. with illustrations


  • Start working with @bpierre on a design system for Aragon