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Write-Up - Oliver

Aragon Community Meeting 10 Write-Up for March 2018

Oliver – Thing doer

Launched 0.5 🦅💙


  • An extreme amount of gas limit tweaks to onboarding
  • Add RPC messages for interacting with external contracts (aragon/aragon.js#76)
  • Make sure the cache works in non-browser environments (aragon/aragon.js#72)
  • Application identifiers (aragon/aragon.js#77)
  • An Aragon RPC message provider for development purposes (aragon/aragon.js#79)
  • Refactored to use APM.js (aragon/aragon.js#80)
  • Changed the way accounts are detected for transaction pathing (aragon/aragon.js#93)
  • Added RPC messages for a few other things
  • The accounts a user currently controls (to allow for per-user notifications and per-user UI)
  • A method to "unwrap" EVM callscripts and describe what each step in the script does in a human way (used in the voting app)
  • Bug fix for the way errors are transmitted between the wrapper and the apps

Aragon CLI

  • Renamed the CLI to aragon (the name aragon-dev-cli is now deprecated)
  • Implemented new grant command together with Jorge, allowing people to grant permissions on APM repositories
  • Started work on initial polish (aragon/aragon-dev-cli#53 and aragon/aragon-dev-cli#52)
  • Ironed out some bugs, edge cases and annoying things we learned from launching Aragon 0.5
  • Better overall feel and performance of CLI
  • Started work on run command (aragon/aragon-dev-cli#55)
  • Makes it easier to test your apps locally, which is essential for the developer experience


  • Ironed out some issues we found in relation to the launch of 0.5
    • Actually implemented string literals
    • Made sure Web3 provider was configurable
  • Implemented ternary if statements
  • Implemented modulo operator
  • Started work on defining the grammar of Radspec in Nearley to create a more maintainable and well-defined project

APM Serve

  • Worked on performance improvements together with Pierre (aragon/apm-serve#5)
  • Streamlined some of the code with a small refactor



  • Tweaked the Radspec strings to make them a bit better for 0.5 (although it is still a work in progress - actively looking for community feedback on this one) (aragon/aragon-apps#162)
  • Describe what a vote does if it was created as the result of trying to perform a different action


  • Almost finished guide on "Your First Aragon App", need to implement feedback I've gathered from the team
  • Started work on post entitled "Radspec: Safe & Human Transactions"


  • Attended EthCC in Paris. It was a great no-shilling event with amazing people. Feeling blessed to be working alongside these inspiring individuals!


  • Lots and lots of code reviews.
    • Like lots.
    • Same goes for most of the dev team and I am super impressed that we managed to review almost every PR while still getting stuff done 👏



  • Create a more robust and fluent developer experience overall by continously improving on Aragon CLI
  • Release "Your First Aragon App" guide
  • Create a more maintainable and bulletproof reference implementation of Radspec
  • Start building on the App Center and permissions app with the rest of the team
  • Continous improvements to performance, bug fixes and tweaks from community feedback
  • Decrease overall bandwidth requirements (e.g. make bundle size smaller by being more conservative about imports in Aragon.js)

"Soft" things

  • Help with v2 of the whitepaper
  • Offsite #2
  • 0.5 launch post-mortem
  • Help decide on new release cycles / better developer workflow