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Write-Up - Tatu

Aragon Community Meeting 10 Write-Up for March 2018

Tatu - Communications Lead

Aragon Core v0.5 — ”The Architect”

Aragon Feedback Survey

Polishing the first large Aragon feedback survey to go out after v0.5 release.


Blog posts

Aragon videos

Aragon Monthly

Continue to work on securing content and have things progress with Aragon Monthly.



Keeping Wiki up to date and adding content

Aragon Monthly

Publish Issue 02 and send out the monthly newsletter, help community and staff contributors in creating and curating content


Write, review, edit and plan our upcoming blog posts.

Continue working on overall communication strategy

Publish the feedback survey, gather and analyze data from it

Start preparing communications for all the things Aragon

Secure more event participations and sponsorships for Aragon