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Dev 01

Proposed structure for these meetings by @Smokyish. To be tested in this first meeting.

Aragon Dev Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: July 7th, 2pm CEST

Meeting video


  • @harshjv
  • @readevalprint
  • @luisivan
  • @izqui facilitator
  • @Smokyish to handle recording, live streaming and collection of questions by viewers


  • Accounting app progress (@readevalprint)
  • Overall v0.4 refactor state and scoping of the v0.4 deliverable (@izqui)
  • Review of this week sprint (@izqui)
  • Meta: opinions on sprint organization (@everyone except @izqui)
  • v0.5 planning (@harshjv)
  • Versioning protocol (@luisivan)
  • v0.5 web3 providers. uPort & Ledger integration? Remove Metamask? (@izqui)
  • What is everyone's focus/goals for next week (@everyone gets to talk)
  • Other questions, comments or concerns by participants.
  • Questions, comments or concerns by live viewers.
  • Closing meeting