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Sunsetted Working Groups

Closed working Groups

Nest WG

We believe the fate of humanity will be decided at the frontier of technological innovation. It is essential that this technology creates positive-sum value for all parties involved. In a globally connected world it is essential that people can connect, organize, share in value creation - anytime, anywhere, without borders or intermediaries. The Nest WG exists to help teams realize this dream on Aragon.

Our main functions involve managing the NestDAO, evaluating proposals, and making funding decisions to support those proposals. More details on the Nest program can be found on the Nest repo README.

We meet every 2 weeks we have calls to discuss Nest proposals and make funding decisions. If you'd like to get involved or have questions please drop into our #wg-nest Aragon Chat.

Product WG

Builds products to support the mission of the Aragon Network.

  • (Initial suggestion for members - Brett, Luis, Pierre, Daniel, Gorka, Delfi, Adri, Paty, Olivier, Xavier, Deam, Billy, Yalda, Arthur, Kevin, Otto, Radek, Chad, Javier, Jordan, Luke, Gabi...)
  • First facilitator role ensured by Luis Cuende and Javier Alavez

Strategy WG

This WG focuses on strategic initiatives to sustain and grow the Aragon Network, the Flock and Nest programs as well as the broader Aragon community. In the Strategy WG, items are discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective and should be assessed as part of the global Aragon landscape.

Examples of use-cases for the WG:

  • Coordination on topics and projects involving two or more network entities or disciplines,
  • Assessement of the current Network strategy,
  • Discussions on Aragon Network Votes and Proposals,
  • Addressing issues related to the governance of the Aragon Network and grant programs

Calls happen every two weeks on Fridays here and are run according to an open agenda. They are not recorded at this time.

Notes taken during these calls can be found in the Aragon Wiki

The Strategy-WG chat is best used to advance discussions and update the group in between calls

User Feedback WG

The User Feedback WG has two goals: - Make it easy for Aragon community members to try out all the new cool shiny stuff that Aragon teams are building before anyone else. - Make it easy for Aragon product teams to get user feedback and bug testing on their new shiny cool Aragon apps.

Anyone is welcome to participate! There will be weekly calls to discuss cool things being built in the Aragon ecosystem as well as meta-strategies to make it easier for people to participate in testing and providing feedback on Aragon products.

There will be a rolling list of products that we are reviewing and we will discuss them in the User Feedback WG Aragon chat. Each week we will compile our thoughts into a doc that the community (product teams) can reference to guide product development and bug fixes.