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Nest Investment Meeting

Thursday Nov 14th at 5pm CET


Nest applications to review (and vote on)

Nest Subscriptions/Memberships RFP

RFP docs: - draft 1 - draft 2

Teams working on similar things: - Nest application - UnlockProtocol - BrightID Subscriptions Contracts - Daonuts Subscriptions App - Empower The DAO Membership App - Someone Luke knows named Jeremy?

Question: - Do we want to create an RFP for teams to build this functionality within an Aragon app, or do we want to fund an integration into a mature and independantly maintained protocol/app? - What are the different options available out there?

Nest Operations Budget

It's becoming clear that in order for the Nest program to function properly there needs to be incentives to do work. If we have time (after reviewing and deciding on the open applications and RFP) then we should discuss how much of the Nest budget to allocate towards operations.



We are waiting for the platform to be out there. To check if the product is something we want to use Notes on what happened and next action items go here.

They don't really know when product is out.

You currently cannot create your own community. We want to be able to create that in order to test reputation and reputation weighted voting.


Memo can be accessed by Nest DAO member. Please ping @burrrata on Keybase.

MESG is a working product. Allow Aragon DAOs to connect to Web2 services. They have a Zapier integration bridging 5K+ apps. $22K grant to build the integration for Aragon DAOs.

Milestone 1: ---- Milestone 2: develop an Aragon App

Connect to 6 Web2 applications based on demands by the community.

How long would they provide their service for free? They would provide services fees free of charge until message goes to mainnet

No precise tech spec for now.

The fact that the MESG platform is not open source could be a problem.

If the integration opens up tons of possibilities is great and worth the price. Even if its completely centralized, for some things it can add a lot.

Overall members present aon the call are optimistic. Althought centralization and clsoed source is not great

Making decisions in the Nest WG

Think about a decisions protocol

Come up with a more structured proposal on the flow we use in the Nest DAO - write investment memo - send it to other members - get on the investment call - coordinate async before the vote

DAO settings: 50% quorum, 67% majority

System for off boarding: - 1 vote without voting is an alert - 2 votes without justification you can be off boarded

Create a second voting app instance with lower quorum so we can go there and off-board people. We can chose higher quorum for new members and lower one for off-boarding.


  • An investment Memo took 5-6 hours of Joe's time, 3-4 hours on Burrrata's time.
  • Then time spent to chat with the team.
  • Then there needs time to take time to review the deliverables before reward is issued

If we are moving Nest away from the AA it makes sense to have an operational budget.

We would prefer that full time contributors do not get compensated. Its better if community members.

The more people you can financially incentivize, the better. We need to create a better culture around financial incentives.

The initial prop in Nest report was 16% of grant amount to Nest manager and 4% to Nest DAO. Do we want to rethink that?

Ex: for MESG the reward would be around $4K for the whole process at the end of all milestones

Action items

  • Coordinate the vote on MESG (Joe, Burrrata)
  • Outline the protocol for decision making (Joe, Burrrata, Louis)
  • Operational budget, do more work around that in the next infrastructure meeting (?)


  • Joe
  • Burrrata
  • Bingen
  • Luke
  • Aaron