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Strategy call #1 - July 5th 2019

Flock objectives and strategy


→ High level objectives are needed

→ Working groups are needed to implement strategy

→ Not everybody is aligned on if and how it should be reflected at Floc kteam level. Key results or not? Are roadmaps sufficient for team accountability? To be discussed further.

Q3 objectives


  • Easier for users to use the Aragon Client - templates, use cases
  • Aragon Network - demonstrate to users that heavy/serious use cases are made possible thanks to the court dispute resolution mechanism
  • Higher level: support the deployment of the fundraising use case
  • Come for the money, stay for the apps. Fundraising, grants, bounties, court…


  • Moving towards the launch of open enterprise
  • Identify organisations that want to use open enterprise

Aragon Black

  • Fundraising out and working
  • Onboard organisations to use it
  • Leverage each use case and make it an accessible standard


→ Users and onboarding at the core → Find use cases from the tools Aragon proposes currently + Open enterprise and Fundraising App

Action steps

  • Proposition by AA for a formalization of these objectives for the quarter
  • Proposition on a way to legitimize objectives
    • Forum statement from Flock through AA
    • Proclamation AGP from Flock through AA
    • Only use internally to Flock for now
  • Create working groups for Onboarding and strategy
    • Cem to create the Onboarding Working group
    • Create a strategy Working group to coordinate

Next Flock strategy call: * Proposed date - Friday 19th of July, 10 am * Monthly 1-2 hour call afterwards

Remaining agenda for Flock strategy (feel free to add new items): * Reviewing proposed solutions to objectives, brainstorm further on processes to coordinate strategy and accountability * ANT packages discussion (see forum post) * Splitting stack ownership among Flock teams * Processes to share around team roadmaps. Protocol/framework for Flock teams to communicate?