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Strategy call #2 Notes and action steps

Next call will happen on the 2nd of August

Below is a summary of the discussions that happened during the last Flock Strategy Call.


We have mostly a consensus over high level objectives for the coming months.


  • onboarding users (mostly projects)
  • finding specific use cases to deploy
  • use that feedback to work on the product

Action steps for next call

  • Teams prepare to share their preferred approaches to fulfill these objectives in the quarter (templates, onboarding, comms...)

Target Market

During the discussion on Objectives, a second question naturally emerged: what is the target market/users? Should they be the same for all teams or different for each team?


  • It is important that teams share and understand each other's ideas on target markets
  • Target projects rather than consumers
  • Monitor trends in cyrpto and try to answer them
  • Not clear yet what the pros and cons are in the two following settings:
    • Flock teams each target different users/markets
    • Flock teams focus on a single market

Action steps for next call

  • Teams prepare to share on their preferred target market
  • Determine if all Flock teams should pursue the same strategy or not

Development work

We've been discussing how to organize development work among Flock teams.


  • Repo ownership can be useful to work more efficiently among Flock teams: knowing who to ping, more flexibility to review code and merge, accountability, decentralization
  • A design and feasibility phase to discuss code before implementation is a good practice. Coordination can be done through WGs

Action steps for next call

  • Think about who should own what repo
  • WGs to be deployed