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Strategy call #3, notes and Action Steps

  • What are Flock team’s preferred target market?
  • What are Flock team’s preferred strategies to reach these target markets?
  • Splitting stack ownership among Flock teams
  • Launch strategy for fundraising
  • Review the first iteration of the Flock objectives process [AA]

Action items:

  • Fundraising: start audits of onboarding contract
  • To reduce duplicated efforts, perhaps have a shared CRM tool between flock teams? Find an open source CRM tool? Coordinate on rocket chat
  • Develop shared resources to share between teams, e.g. list of demo organizations
  • Aragon Black to coordinate with Autark on introducing the Projects app to teams being onboarded to Fundraising
  • Fundraising Gantt chart: set up a shared version, where we can all access it and get a broader view. Research a common project management tool?
  • Nice to have: a dedicated person/team that can take documents/templates developed for internal sharing and partner onboarding and translate them for mass consumption with nice graphic design etc. Examples: court readme, permisisons diagram, dao/apps that can be explained to the public


What are Flock team’s preferred target market?


  • Be selective, find projects that can independently execute and have strategic synergies with the Aragon ecosystem (e.g. by creating generic templates)
    • Mechanism designers
    • Activist / sustainability bias
    • Finding organizations that may need more than just simple pieces, e.g. complex value flows for researchers
  • Fundraising: great tool to reach new (underfunded) teams in the crypto space
  • Verticals of projects targeted: target c-org type of projects where revenues can feed back into the curve. Have 5 star projects that can showcase interest in curves and form basis for good and diverse example uses cases for replication.
  • Onboarding:
    • Well-defined process for applications
    • Focus on mechanism design
    • Hold "hacking sessions" on their designs, defining scope of what can be implemented
    • Goal of creating digestable templates for other DAOs to be inspired from, create workshops and publications around these


  • Less-formal onboarding process; mostly outbound and adhoc inbound requests based on connections
  • Implementation Proposal Document: help guide the onboarder and onboarding team to define their organization
  • For A1 quality is the focus over quantity. Onboarding projects and educate them on the whole Aragon ecosystem and permissions system
  • Aiming for 5, or 10 or 20 high quality use cases


  • User value: transparency is very important (e.g. non-profit, charity, etc.)
    • Improves organization if their financial and operations management are done in the open
  • Gap: current UI is made for day-to-day internal organization operations, but some use cases may want a more streamlined process for one-off proposals by external contributors (e.g. asking for membership)


  • To decide if focus should be on crypto projects first
  • Would like to focus on global challenges, social sustainability projects
  • Find organic DAO use cases; simple mission, self-organizing, self-sustaining

How Flock teams work together going to market: Gateway strategy

  • Gateway approach to acquiring users, come for the money and stay for the apps, come for project management stay for modularity...

Launch strategy for fundraising

  • What is comms strategy, what is the angle, do we make that a big deal or is it a soft launch?...
  • Worth it to delay the mainnet launch for a fully audited version of the onboarding contract (needs to be done ASAP)
  • First deploy on rinkeby around Aug. 15, do some teasers
  • Talk about it during Blockchain Week in Berlin and have it released on mainnet in September
  • Maintaining hype through curve analysis of the fundraising orgs, fuel next batch of orgs to be onboarded
  • Need Olivier's and Brett's thoughts on when we could spread the launch a bit more. At the beginning onboard projects and get experience from these first onboardings.