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Flock strategy call #4 - Notes


  • Defining the strategy WG objectives and call routine? [Louis]
    • ANVs
    • Flock
    • Nest
    • Strategic initiatives
  • Flock team business models and ecosystem sustainability [Luke]

Next call will happen here on August 30th, 3pm CEST.


  • Defining the strategy WG objectives and call routine? [Louis]

    • Brought about the topics that are relevant for this call, partially due to last weeks call being mostly related to syncing on onboarding.
    • Comfortable about discussions around ANVs. High level goals that filter down into other WGs like product. If we deepdive into onboarding or whatever it is easy to touch sensitive topics that we should have in a private venue.
    • Venue to aggregate and summarize information from different parts of the network and teams
    • A hub or a place to discuss different issues that need a broader point of view on. bubbling up topics and issues in the strategy WG

Action steps: Louis to propose formal definition for the group

  • Flock team sustainability

    • Top down resource allocation is not ideal in the Flock program currently, we could work on ways to make teams sustainable on their own or rework the Flock resource allocation
    • For Flock teams its hard to generate revenue streams either
    • If we allow it teams may go into useless consultancy initiatives
    • Setting up different types of entities that could join the Flock program
    • Research Business models
    • ANT could vote proposals to terminate Flock team funding rather than a proposal to fund a team
    • Investigate different classifications for different types of teams. Explore different models or types of teams that could be formalized and adopted by the network
  • Aragon as a network and Aragon as products

    • The product is really generic but doesnt have a very specific use case
    • Should all teams focus on one thing or should each of them focus on their own thing?
    • What is the alignment between Network and product strategy? Both in terms of use cases and revenue generation
    • What is the narrative that we can sell to people?

Action steps: discuss desired issues in BBW gatherings